Friday, May 27, 2005

I don't know how to say about the American Idol. I prefer Bo to add some spices to the "stereotype" AI. But at last, Carrie won! No comment but I don't know whether it's the deteriorating excitement or "sen sin gem"in the whole fiasco but I just think that I didn't feel the goosebump when I heard Fantasia's "Summertime" before this. However, the result show brought back some finalists. Having said that I felt some of them really proved the audiences were right to vote them out. Mikalah and the other gal (not Jessica Siera) who sang with Babyface really need some help in their voice department. It's good to see Anwar, Jessica and of course my fav Nadia. Of all the segment with the big stars (well... except for Benson and Babyface I dunno abt others...) I like the one with Jessica, Nadia and Constantine the most. OK, tat's the end of the AI and OK... I hate to admit that I'm a TV junkies but I'm kinda looking forward to our very own Malaysian Idol and hey.... I heard someone is saying we're gonna have our own Sabah Idol!!!! OK... this is dangerous.