Friday, August 28, 2009

Disgrace in the Month of Ramadhan and National Day

It's Ramadhan. Bulan berpuasa mengumpul pahala. I wonder what kind of thinking going through the minds of the protestors who marched with a cow head to protest a relocation of an Hindu temple to Section 23 Shah Alam.
I hate to point this out. 1st no beer. Now no Hindu temple? I really think things are really getting out of hands. PM sounds furious and vows prompt actions. I really hope actions taken this time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Illuminight (Part 4) - Yovie & Nuno

Illuminight (Part 3) - Afgan

Illuminights (Part 2) - Atilia

Rupa-rupanya she's the daughter of Salamiah Hassan...

Petite but big out some Sheila Majid's vibe....

She will do better given better songs.....

She also sang in the soundtrack of Talentime....

Looking forward to her collaboration with Maliq & d'Essentials.

Illuminight - A Light Beat of Love (Pt 1)

1st of all, the probs:
1. Bukit Kiara is not really an accesible place.
2. Sunway had MTV World Stage FREE concert.
3. Indonesian groups/artiste (err...I'm not talking about Peterpan, Padi, Sheila On 7 and the gang though this has Afgan).
2nd, the probs are real when:
1. Reached there abt 630-645pm (the show starts 7pm) but only about 30+ of us waiting at the canopy outside (drizzling) because the they are still doing all those sound check, 1, 2, 3.....
2. The crowd comes in painfully SLOW....
3. You can see how empty are the arena below.....

the pit bull area...

the standing place which I bought the ticket for....

kosong kan???

But one thing I should salute the organizer is that they really put lots of money in it, which is obvious in the perfect sound system and some acrobatic gimmicks plus fireworks.

Familiar face. I saw this photographer in KK Jazz Festival and Miri Jazz Festival as well!

Some stuntman sliding down above the audience's place with fireworks too!

No, AC Mizal is not here to be the emcee for Akademi Fantasia.....

nor he is here to serenade the crowd with his 4U2C's days hit Fiona but he really did a good job working up the crowd in the intervals between the artists set. Nyamuk aedes and I am sure lots of mak-cik mak-cik were grinning ear to ear.
Oh.... the tagline for the concert also sounds a bit lame.
A Light Beat of Love????? Errmm.....

Talentime (2009) - Yasmin Ahmad

Actually I missed this when it was shown in the cinema. After the passing of Yasmin, GSC show this again in selective cinemas and I took the opportunity to watch it.
I didn't quite like the front part but the stories slowly got me in. Jac made quite an impression. Mahesh too. Also I like the 2nd daughter of Harith. I couldn't recognize Azean Irdawaty (yeah...I am bad) and Jit Murad too (see... I am that bad!!!).
The songs are great and I particularly like the Indian song, O-Re Priya. It's totally haunting and sounds like it was made for the movie.

Kaki Blues

Had a great time watching this at the stunning KLPac, Sentul. Written by Mark Beau de Silva and directed by Joe Hasham, it's a musical and a fun one!!!
Watching it brought back some memories especially the period after SPM before Form 6. Looking forward to more works from Mark Beau de Silva especially after missing re-run the Bottom Up which he performed with Faridah Merican and I paid for the ticket as well!!!!
Oh, thanks for the ticket my friend!
"Knock knock, my God is watching me"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Fasting

Selamat Berpuasa

Imperial Boutique Hotel, Warisan Sq, KK (previously known as Radius)

KK Palliative Care Association Charity Treasure Hunt

Well....from now on.... we're called De'Stones :)

DR who's a familiar face in the treasure hunt and charity scene in KK. He's active in the Kiwanis too.

Alvin the COC of the hunt with his team Kena Tembak (tat's their name when they're the COC but Main Tembak when participating)


And this time, Sabah champion... Corny and his team!!!

Ba Lin, Hotel Nak, Sandakan