Thursday, February 01, 2007

6th Jan - 1st Dat Pt 3 (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Splurge myself as soon as I reached the Siem Reap town by bicycle. Rented the bicycle at USD2 which is USD1 more than usual for charity purpose, called White Bicycle.

Had a set lunch at USD8 at Le Grande Cafe which is a nice spot to watch the world pass by. The lunch is nothing spectacular though it's a nice place to rest and relax, especially under the hot sun.

Taken from the window-sde table at the 1st floor of Le Grande Cafe. In sight also the Warehouse, a nice drinking spot.

Luckily I found a cobbler to mend my 9-years old Malaysian made Power sandal.

The first temple I visited together with 6 Malaysians I met on plane. Not to be discriminating, it's nothing compared to Angkor Wat.

Taken with Ashley (far left) and Kenneth (middle).

Traditional Cambodian dish, amok which is creamy (coconut milk) and delicous. However, the waiting time is a put-off as I waited for about an hour for the dinner.

I tried the Amok at the Khmer Kitchen Restaurant which is just next to Le Grande Cafe.

Had a drink with Tina (left - Swiss working in Cambodia) and Andrea (right - Austrian traveler) at the Warehouse and had a nice chat as well. Both are CouchSurfer ( and eventhough Tina unable to host us, she still took her time and had a drink with us. Thanks for the Angkor beer Tina!!!

7th Jan - 2nd Day (Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

The amazing Angkor Wat


Amok - The national curry

Passer-by #1 - Thanks for helping me to take my photo

Angkor + Cotton-like Cloud

My Fav Photo of the Day (Thanks for the big smile kiddo!)

Winding up the day with the Last Wat

Another shot

My post with the Victory Gate as background

8th Jan - 3rd Day (Flooding Village and Flooding Forest, Kompong Phhluk)

Fisherman's kid with stylish pose.

My fave object, cloud.

The boat lady who brought me into the wondrous world of the Flooding Forest, Kampong Phlukk.

The boat lady's daughter and Mr. Charn, my friendly tuk-tuk driver.

Flooding forest 1.

Flooding Forest 2.

Flooding Forest 3.

Flooding Forest 4.

Flooding Forest 5.

The friendly boat lady with nice smile ending our flooding forest trip.

Leaving Flooding Forest passing the Floating Village.

Floating Village


My left food - with thick mud covered after our motorbike swamped into thick mud. Mud therapy?

Paddy field kid sympathizing us .

Innovative way to cover your meter.

Winding up the day at the Le Grande Cafe junction.