Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here's the Deepest Secret No One Knows

Here's the Deepest Secret No One Knows

Here's the Root of the Root

And the Blood of the Blood

And the Sky of the Sky That Trees Called Life

Which Grows Higher and Higher Than A Soul Can Hold

Or Mind Can Hide

It's the One That's Keeping the Stars Apart

I Carry Your Heart With Me

I Carry It In My Heart

Taken from In Her Shoes starred Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley Maclaine

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Early Middle Age Crisis

I changed my blog title again. Yeah... again. It's the end of the year again, and hence, my routine self-review process kickstarted again. It's actually an involuntary process which I can't help and control at all. It's a package indeed whereby the weather is some sort like a catalyst which will make the process start earlier and faster.

I had been living my life like a middle-aged man in general.
I started my day with a sumptuous breakfast, not to mention that I wake up very early (at least earlier than the average time for ppl my age).
I had breakfast almost at the same place each morning just to ensure that I had a chance to read the local newspaper, failing which will made me feel incomplete or lacking of some energy to start a day. (OK, I did buy my newspaper but in addition to the national English and occasional national Chinese dailies, I would like to keep abreast with the local news)
Had my lunch wherever nearby to the place I am, mostly around the place I stay. Needless to say, I frequented the similar place though I tried to diversify the place by asking some of my friends to join me for lunch.
I had resort to do some exercise at the same lake-park which I did some hike up the small hill.
Dinner is another routine involving those few restaurants/stalls around the place I stay. Though I did skip dinner sometimes, just to add some spice and introduce some variety to my already scheduled routine.
At night, I watched TV which fortunately with more channels to choose from courtesy from Mr. Ho Bau. Not really obsessed to TV but at least it's a good way to spend away the excessive time. Talking about excessive time, I remember Sky Wu's song 一半.
Not only those listed above. I think I lost my passion. Putting work aside, I think I lost my passion. Passion, drive, whatever you call it, I lost it. It's gone to nowhere. It's pathetic indeed. Everything you do is just to pass the day and all you get is the dreading feeling. Sometimes I did try to add some spice to it, i.e. watching a movie in cinema (didn't qualify indeed as I tend to make it a ROUTINE again to do so every Wed or Sat), watching DVD (I seriously think I lost my passion for film as well, due to overexposure), reading........... Damn boring right?
Am I anti-social? This is a confusing question. I think I am sometimes but at other times, I don't think so. But one thing for sure, I don't have lots of friends, let alone new friends. I have a fixed group of friends who are supporting and good people. But sometimes I still feel lacking.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Disgusting Ad

It's the worst advertisement I watched/listened all my life!!!!
It's the latest Pokka Green Tea!!!!!! The Mandarin version of the ad even worse. Those who did the voice-over for the Mandarin version (the voice talent, producer, everyone who's involved) should be banned from working in the industry to stop annoying the audiences.
OK, my Malay bug bites again..... JIJIK!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tie that Bind?

I dunno how to tie the darn piece of accessories of men clothing but I had been wearing it for 7 years during my teenage years and ok, I always depended on others to tie it for me. Haha.... no sexy compromising positions of some gals tying the knot in front of me, or with our body facing each other and a gap of only 5.23cm between each other bodies. 5 yrs of secondary school years and another additional 2 yrs of Form 6; I was dutifully bound to have that piece of tie around my neck, all because I was a prefect during my school years.
Luckily I was never in any job that requires me to wear a tie all the time. My first job was a manufacturing sector with no necessity to meet clients and no need to dress up. My 2nd job was a short stint of service engineer and that as well need not to be well-dressed. A plain decent shirt is enough. My current job is a sales job, a very technical sales indeed. So, being a technical job, I may not need to put too much effort into impressing my clients with my outlook or attire, in fact I think if I dress casually (or technical-savvy), I may portray the best image of someone technically-sound person. Or is it just another excuse for me to dress as shabby as I can for my own convenience sake? Haha... I can't deny tat. However, I find that gals wearing tie can be attractive.

林嘉欣 vs 林嘉华

Just heard from the radio some interesting facts.
We only see half of the moon surface all the while coz the moon is circling the earth. As we know, the moon surface is rough, like the volcanoes. So, Chinese always like to say if you have pimples all over your face, you'll have a face like the moon's surface! However, one will wonder how will it look like, the other unseen side of the moon? Is it the same or different?
The fact was, it was completely different, as the other side is hilly and full of mountains.
So, conclusion? 林嘉欣 vs 林嘉华

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The World Had Gone Wrong

Below is the proof why the world had wrong:

1. We had bombing everywhere.
2. The season had changed. You can get durians all around the year.
3. We had natural disaster more frequent. Katrina and her gang and her other colleagues came visiting more and more frequent.
4. We discover more and more disease with more and more virus mutate to adapt to the vaccine or medicine we made.
5. Aaron Kwok got Best Actor in 42th Golden Horse Award?

Andrew's Prediction

OK, I know I ate myown words of not going to talk bt Aaron's win but below is Andrew Lian Kai's comment on the nominations of the Best Actor. He's one of the member of a music group called Alive consists of Daniel Wu, Andrew Lian Kai, Wen Zhi Wei and Chen Zi Chung.

Here is the list of the nominees: 梁家輝 (黑社會) 張震 (最好的時光) 陳坤 (抹茶之戀味) 郭富城 (三岔口) Although I have only seen 2 out of the 4 films from the nominees. But I have already pick out my winner from the list. I've been watching films of 梁家輝 since younger. I always respect him as a very good actor in the business. Although his luck was not as good as his acting skills. I feel he should get more awards and recognition for his abilities. He got a Best Actor for "愛在他鄉的季節" many years ago, after that he got a few nominations for 人約黃昏 ,天台的月光 and A-1頭條. But never won. I really hope this year he would get it for "黑社會". His performance was outstanding. I'd watch 三岔口 because daniel is in it. But I was very suprise Arron Kwok got nominated as best actor for this film. (6kakibawah : I was puzzled as well) I have to agree this is his best performance out of all the films he had done before.(6 kakibawah : Well... this is very relative as his films like wat we chinese said, can be counted using ur fingers. But giving him credit, I kinda like him in a feel-good love story, Loving You "Xiu Chen Chen" where he starred opposite Kelly Chen) But I'm not sure if that deserves a Best Actor award. (6kakibawah : Exacto mundo. Well said) Sometimes, it really depends on who you are going against with, if the other nominees are strong. I don't think he will have a chance, But the nominess this year is definetly weak. That is just my opinion, it has nothing to do with Alive or any other. Who do you think will win??? Andrew
Above were excerpt from http://www.alivenotdead.com/node/760

The italic font were my comment on Andrew's comment.

42th Annual Golden Horse Award

Aaron Kwok? Best Actor?
Never ever cross my mind that he will snatch the Best Actor. Well... reason given by the jury is that it's his best performance ever in his acting career???? I dunno whether it was but I am certainly sure that HIS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH itself IS HIS BEST PERFORMANCE EVER IN HIS WHOLE CAREER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pause in the middle of his speech, the pause again to land his gaze to his fans who's screaming upstairs (singers esp HK singers can't escape from this syndrome, the "san deng siong bin ge peng yau"/literally translated as "my friends on top of the hill"), his fake expression of joy-mixed feeling and it WAS VERY OBVIOUS that he's trying to squeeze some tears to his eyes as a final touch of his so-many-times-practised speech. I tried to respect the jury's pick but I think I have some difficulties on that. And I am so sad that I have to resort to vent my frustration here in my blog where I seldom write so badly about someone, let alone someone I don't even know. But I have to.
However, to be fair, I think he acted VERY HARD and it's so OBVIOUS you can see he's trying very very hard in the movie "Divergence". I watched Tony's Election but haven't watch Chen Kuen and Zhang Chen's. So, technically I only have Tony's as comparison.
OK...Shu Qi finally got it after 4 times nomination and I think she deserved it. Bravo to her as she really transformed from the much loathed III-movie actress into someone being constantly roped in to star in movies by famous director like Hou Hsiao Hsien. It's a good motivation story on determination indeed.
OK... I gotta stop or else I will be bogged down by the whole Aaron Kwok is Best Actor thingy. Bless Golden Horse. (I wonder how the horse feel)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Finding Neverland - Be An Adult, Not A Grown Up

Fantastic! Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie??? Kalau tak fantastic apa lagi? Story is so touching and it brings out the child in everyone of us. We can be an adult, mature and deal with lots of concerns, commitments and burden we have in life but there's a children in everyone of us that we keep inside waiting to be taking it's form, whatever it may be. Another thing about the movie.... British accent is DAMN sexy!!! And the child actor portraying Peter, Freddie sth... he's definitely the next Dakota Fanning.

Bottle in the Gayana Aru

Taken at Gayana Aru restaurant during the launch of the Christmas album by Double Take. The ambience is nice with sparkling reflection of glass and dimly lit light.

Rose Rose I Don't Love You

I never like rose. Not that I like flower but I think it's over-rated.

Anything Amusing?

Amusement Centre : I found the name itself is amusing.
I came from a small town, which translates into less grandeur hanging out places to hang out at or rather lepak (tis word is so commonly used in our era and it's also a favourite topic in the karangan question which may goes like, "Bincangkan cara-cara untuk mengurangkan gejala lepak di kalangan remaja masa kini") By the way, do they still have questions like this? OK, back to the amusement centre.... So, when I was in the not-so-boring-bigger capital of the state, I am thrilled by the "amusement centre" in one of the shopping complex. I still remember the trip, it's actually a school trip to climb Mt Kinabalu and island hopping in Manukan. And that was the first time I got on a bumper-car and being the pathetic boring kid I was, I was thrilled by the whole thing and hence I still remember it till today. In fact I remember the whole trip; my failure in scaling the mt. peak which I kinda compensated by scaling it twice after that and plan the 3rd time next year; the fun of taking stupid pics in the island with my partner-in-crime (well, we still do that now! what a bunch of immature kidult?); the long journey in an old school bus listening to songs like Cranberries (yeah... you guess how long is tat) and Sandy Lam's "Wound" etc.....

OK, below is the definition of AMUSE; see whether you find it amusing or not?
a·muse ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-myz)tr.v. a·mused, a·mus·ing, a·mus·es
1. To occupy in an agreeable, pleasing, or entertaining fashion.
2.To cause to laugh or smile by giving pleasure: I was not amused by his jokes.
3. Archaic. To delude or deceive.

Jukebox Karaoke

I used to see this in Bangkok, it's everywhere; near the bus-stop, inside the shopping malls etc.... And when I was lepakking around in Centre Point, I saw it!!!! There're few of these around. I was kind of tempted to go in and belt out some numbers to impress myself and satisfy my own dream of holding a concert but they're swarmed by tonnes of our other brothers and sisters, so I decided to give up the thoughts. However, if I'm going to try it out I may have to belt out some nice Malay numbers I think, looking at the kind of crowd there. And hey, I have no prob on that as well.... haha............

Can you Depend on the Security Guard

This pic was taken in the ATM counter in Standard & Chartered Bank in Sandakan. The security guard was sleeping soundly inside, just the snoring is lacking. Can we depend on him if we were being attacked and robbed? No way.

wat do u think???

I'm watching Astro WLT's show.. I think the title is something like "All started from the missing" (literally translated). The character played by Cheong Hor Yi was being courted by a so-called rich man and he used the following pick-up line:
"what do you think of the current social-economic scene in HK?"
hahaha...... tat ranks as the worst pick-up line I think... unless she's some economics PhD i think.....
guys... try that to any gal you met in any bar.... who knows the result may turns out to surprisingly effective?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


1. To cover or not to cover
The issue is simple. Non-Muslim's right is protected in the constitution and hence, they have the right not to wear the tudung in IIUM. What's the issue here? Even the worker in Parliament is allowed not to wear tudung... and the non-Muslim undergraduate wasn't allowed to attend her convocation just because she refused to comply to the biased regulation? And not even allowed to take her transcript after the convocation? This is definitely a violation of the rights protected by the constitution.
So, taking this logic whereby the right of non-Muslim can be ignored, can we assume that the other rights stated in the constitution can be violated as well? Or only this particular one? This is definitely a backlash to Pak Lah's non-extremist religious policy.

2. Congratulation for dropping from 89th place to 169th place?
We should be happy as UM was listed in the Top 50 and Top 100 in "some" courses??? And proudly erect such a big billboard to boast his own confidence and pride in the vicinity of the university? I leave this to the UM students to comment.

3. Deepa-raya an Insult? Kong Xi/Gong Xi Raya an Insult?
I really didn't understand why insult came into picture!!! I think the fact that it was brought up itself is an insult to the country. What's wrong of the phrase used widely? Maybe should we change the sequence so that it will not belittle the narrow-minded groups who shouted insult? This is the same when the brilliant advertisement on Kempen Budi Bahasa done by the very talented Yasmin Ahmad was being criticised for insensitivities, hurting the race known to be berbudi bahasa. So, it's only right if other race was being chosen to portray the tak berbudi bahasa character in the advertisement??? Aku memang ndak paham.

Riots in France

© Rodolfo Cartas (sourcecraft) Attribution-ShareAlike Eiffel Paris France

France is having such a troubled time now, with the race riots reaching the 12 days and emergency measures were approved by the Chirac government. It's not the first time this is actually happening, with the most recent ones being the infamous 1953 Bastille Day Riot. Let's pray that the riot will stop and no more car torching etc.

It prompted me to think, the riots in France was due to the the oppressed race groups, i.e. immigrants which leads a sufferring life with minimum education and living condition. What about in Malaysia? Hm... our leader should really think about this and reflect.....

Double Take : Gayana Aru Christmas Album Launch : One Voice, Six Strings and Twelve Days of Christmas

OK, I can't capture Roger's image well coz he kept moving. Nice showcase featuring some Christmas songs and other jazz standards. Good rendition of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean. Surprised to find that they included Wat are You Doing New Year's Eve. Bought the album without hesitation

Track List as follows:

1. Deck the Halls

2. All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)/Santa Claus is Coming to Town

3. I'll Be Home for Christmas

4. The Turkey, Me and the Christmas Tree

5. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

6. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Here Comes Santa Claus

7. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

8. Silent Night

9. Sleigh Ride

10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

11. The Twelve Days of Christmas

12. The Christmas I Know

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Double Take Largest Jazz Concert by a Duo

Go support our local Malaysian musician, Double Take. Yea.... the largest thing and Malaysian Book of Record thingy is kinda gimic but hey, it's Malaysian ok??? Forget that and enjoy their good music.

Double Take in Coffee Bean, Damai, Kota Kinabalu

Double Take, my favourite local jazz duo held a pre-launch show for their coming Christmas album in Coffee Bean, Damai, Kota Kinabalu. Served as a teaser for their album launch the next day in Aru Restaurant, Tanjung Aru, a combination of songs (from debut album, coming Christmas album and other familiar tracks) were performed; Mia her usual self and Roger with her fantastic finger guitar. Tracks performed:
1. Christmas song (sorry... forgot title)
2. Close to You
3. All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
4. A Brazilian Portuguese number
5. Black Coffee
6. Final number (some song for goodbye)
Hahaha.... I know I'm not a good reviewer, and bad memory as well.