Thursday, June 30, 2005

Naive Me

OK, I know I'm naive and stupid at the same time. The previous blogs that I posted was actually comes with picture which I had pre-typed it in word format and when I finally logged in during this outstation period, I conveniently copy the whole thing and paste it here forgetting that I can't upload photo here since I'm not paying for this blog :( Stupid me.
So, gotta think of some other ways to link the pics. OK, I will settle it when I'm back from outstation. Again........ my travelogue is still in the way.................


ZSG’s (Zheng Shuo Guan – MCA Public Speaking Class) Bits and Pieces
During my rare-once-in-a-blue-moon housekeeping, I found some memento from my ZSG’s class sometime in 2003/4. It’s the comment notes from the other members of the floor after my presentation speech for Stage 1 & 2 respectively. Yea...... my speech is aptly titled “Sneezing” for the Stage 2. But it didn’t pass the 2nd round indeed.

I had to admit I post this to somehow boost my own confidence especially those comments I got after my 1st round presentation. Haha…. Straight admission passing the 1st round is no easy feat my friend haha!!!
It brought back some memories of the whole ZSG thingy, the good time shared with all the coursemates, the trip to Sekinchang (I love the Chinese name of the trip as you can see in the picture),

Cameron Highlands, Fraser Hills, the presentation night a.k.a. Fa Biao Hui, my unexpected beat of heart, the charity visit to the Old Folks Home, etc…. Thanks guys and gals in ZSG and all the best in your future endeavour!

9:01 pm

OK, I’m gonna dedicate this post to our Chef de Force in Jalan Bundusan, Peggie Briones. Having found a job in the isle of her love ones, she left KK leaving us (the poor souls of Beverly Hills) craving for the good food she cook; delicious dishes, cakes, liong cha, prawn crackers, desserts (nicely colored lai lou fa) and etc…. She did her cooking finale in KK before leaving for Labuan and some lucky chaps have the opportunity to taste it. Haha…..

Peggie, all the best to you and Tshing Teng. Ciao!

8:53 pm
Fun Fair

Any of you guys remember FunFair (FF)? Recently, I saw one during my tiring driving trip to Lahad Datu. It was in Kinabatangan area and I like the pics I took. It was taken sometime near "senja" so the lighting is just what I like most. The most recent recollection I have of FunFair is the one in SimSim (area in Sandakan, famous for its seafood and around-the-clock mahjong session) almost 10 yrs ago., the last FunFair I went was during my undergrad yrs in Parit Buntar, so now you recognize the trend here? FunFair only exists in small towns (yup... for every single reason... Parit Buntar is indeed very small!!!!!!). I bet the city people would not know what a fun fair is, having only visited big grand theme-park all the time. Back to the fun fair, it's always signified by the big "mo tin lun" (ok... I dunno how to call that big round thing rotating up in the air, which is the fav scene of typical HK/Jap drama with brave hero calming the height-phobia heroine). In those time where only 2 channels of national TV available, FF is like the grandeur event of the small town. Children were not exposed to any PS games etc at that time. Their obsession may only be the Ksatria Baja Hitam (I always wonder how this name come about.. especially the Baja part or my memory gone wrong?), Gaban and other superhero.... FF is the only place whereby the children will get a late night out (hey.... I slept at 9pm so.... maybe it's only me) once a blue moon and enjoyed their heart out. Of course plenty of other knacks of games such as throwing-metal-ring-in-a-board-full-of-nail (or sometimes replaced by rubber one). Of course, there’s lots of food for sale. “Min fa tong” (OK, I admit my English vocabulary is in a critical need of supplement due to malnourishment) is surely one of those rare ones where we didn’t get to eat frequently (of course I mean at that time…). OK, gotta stop going down the memory lane, it’s depressing.