Friday, December 30, 2005

Island / Peninsula

“No man is an island; but some are peninsulas.” – Robin Williams

I find resonance in William's quote. I started to think that I maybe the peninsulas. Definition? Not entirely isolated but may opted for better choice being remote occasionally.
Laymen term? Part-time antisocial freak.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Brilliant Ad

i am a fans and sucker for good advertisement.
recently saw a brilliant one by durex. very brilliant. pics above is self-explanatory.

isn't that brilliant or what?????

P/S : sorry for those who dun get it. go to 7/11 and see what is durex.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stupid Lame IQ Questions

Q : What is a chicken outside and a fish inside? (Guess a type of food.)
A : Ikan sardin cap ayam (ayam brand sardine)


Free Tickets

Yeah.... the free airtickets from Air Asia are extremely tempting. However, money takde! That's the most frustrating part. With CNY around the corner, etc..... hmm.......

Sunday, December 11, 2005

What's the Difference between a White Rapper and a Black Rapper?

A white rapper wouldn't rap till he dies like the black rapper. Think eminem and tupac.

Self Centred Me - I'm Trying to Change That

I am becoming more and more self-centred nowadays. I seldom notice what really happen to my friends, even those who's close to me and meet frequently. I will not be able to spot my friend's changed hairstyle or color. I can't tell if he/she's slimmer or put on weight. You may say these are trivial matters but I think it's a barometer to gauge my sensitivity to my friends around me.
I would like to change this. I would like to pay more attention to my friends and care about them more. I would like to listen more and talk less. I would like to go out more and get away from my little apartment world more. Haha.... sounds like I'm developing some symptoms of depression.....

Year End

Again, I was still bugged by the premature middle age crisis. I was complaining about my boring life in my previous post. Then the next question comes...... What kind of life I want?
It's a big question and it had become like a ritual for me to ponder about that question and the related ones when the yr end approaches. This will cause a lot of abnormalities to my routine life. I tend to sleep more, eat more, think more, keep mum more but at certain times, couldn't keep my mouth shut. My sleeps, though were more but of less quality which is obvious and can be seen from my tired eyes.
OK, I think it will be fine at the end of the days or rather at the end of the year. "Wake me up when december ends" I should be OK by then.

細路哥 - Jan Lam Hoi Fung

流行曲唱到一半嘅时候 其中一位朋友问左隔离个位一个问题
What did I do when I finished my government exam? Tat was like 10 yrs ago. I had limited memory on that but I guessed after SPM, a group of us rushed back and had a battle on the square table. What a way to celebrate? By the way, I think we did the same also when we finished our PMR. 20 yrs after that? What I become after that?

一边望住隔离台果个女仔 睇下距条裙几时会走光
Haha... I started as a normal working class employee... wearing shirt and slack and occasional khakis in a MNC manufacturing plant but not in 中环, not in the Malaysian equivalent of KL city area. Of cox, since it's only 10 yrs, definitely not a Rolex on my wrist. Well, I'll never don a gold Rolex cox it's too uncle. Haha.... chinese said, grapes not ours always tasted sour. Credit card? A few only but not gold card, though it's not difficult to apply for it. Happy hour after work? Not really a happening guy so never do this.

二十年后,大概终于买左个部好想拥有嘅汽车 但是仲有二十几期要供 Yup, bought a car but definitely need more than 20 monthly payment to settle off the loan.
二十年拉,应该转过好多份工 Changed a few jobs already but I guess it's still going to happen.
识做嘅野越来越多,但是同时发觉学识越来越少 This is spot-on.
系果个时间 间唔中可能会去下gym 但是做来做去都是减悟到个肚腩 This is another damn spot-on.
女朋友越来越多 但是爱嘅越来越少 Why this is not happening to me?

唱: 细路哥,你得到什么? 你失去什么? 你知道 what are you looking for?

同时间,你会发觉,原来人生已经过左一大半 同年,终于结婚拉!This is still far.... not even a stroke of a word.
用左半生嘅积蓄 俾左一层楼嘅首期 有车位,有泳池、会所 Never thought of this at all.
娱乐越来越多,但是快乐越来越少 This is so right. We have lots of entertainment around, but does entertainment = happiness?
两年后,可能会离婚 回复单身之后嘅一个晚上 一个人系床上面,
抓住遥控不停甘转台 食左两粒安眠药 跟住点起支薄荷烟
然后淋左一滴自亲人离世之后嘅眼泪 When is the last time we cry or have a drop of our tears to break our hard-defended dam of our eyes?
系果一晚,一大班同学约埋出来一齐唱K 唱到天光
仲记得系果朝早番到屋企嘅时候 打开门系台面 见到有一碗屋企人留低嘅汤碗汤,已经冻左啦。

唱: 细路哥,你得到什么? 你失去什么? 你知道 what are you looking for?

So, did you get what you're looking for? Or rather do you know what are you looking for? I hope I know what I'm looking for and wish you do too.