Friday, August 31, 2007

How Do You Feel About Malaysia 50th Year of Independence?

(the article below was an exceprt from The New Straits Times, 30 August 2007)

A SEEMINGLY harmless question on student discipline sparked a debate on the issue of patriotism in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

And in the exchanges, the DAP MPs were accused of being unpatriotic for remaining seated when Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar led the house in shouts of "Merdeka" before the sitting began.
It all started when Deputy Education Minister Datuk Noh Omar, replying to a question by Datuk Abdul Rahman Ariffin (BN-Jerlun), said that parent-teacher associations had helped to improve discipline in schools."I was, however, sad to note that the DAP was involved in alerting the media about the slapping of a student at SM Raja Lumu in Pandamaran, Klang in July."I was surprised to see the lobby full of reporters and camera crew whom the DAP had informed," he added.
see.. you are not supposed to tell media ANYTHING!!!

That led Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (BN-Jasin) to remark: "That is typical of the DAP, they are unpatriotic, they did not rise when we shouted Merdeka just now."Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) replied hotly: "How dare you call us unpatriotic! We were not given prior notice about it (the expression of support for Merdeka)."
see... you don't shout merdeka, you are unpatriotic! you don't fly the flag, you are unpatriotic! if you shout merdeka frantically-nearing-hysterical-state while flying a gigantic flag in high cc motocycle speeding along the road and risking the safety of other road patrons, you ARE patriotic.
Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) joined in shouting: "Traitor! The DAP is unpatriotic."A riotous 15-minute shouting match ensued between the DAP and BN legislators to the amusement of a group of students who had come to observe the proceedings."Retract your statement that we are unpatriotic," shouted Lim.
see.... Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat story really stemmed deep in our citizen's heart. traitor = penderhaka!!!
Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib tried to appease the DAP members, saying that Bung Mokhtar had not meant what he said."He did not mean you were unpatriotic, it was said on the spur of the moment." The DAP MPs, however, did not appear convinced and all stood up, waving copies of the Federal Constitution and the Dewan Rakyat Standing Order book.
see.... next time, remember to add the phrase "spur of the moment" in your own dictionary cox it'll be very useful and convenient.
Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) urged Ramli to take action against Bung Mokhtar. "Tan Sri, take action against him. This is unparliamentary behaviour.""Kinabatangan’s brutish nature hasn’t been dealt with yet," said Chow Kon Yeow (DAP-Tanjong), drawing chuckles even from BN MPs.
see..... the best is yet to come...
"Go to hell!," replied Bung Mokhtar.
see...... in movie, this is the CLIMAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That led Ramli to interject: "Don’t say things like that, Yang Berhormat. Don’t utter words which are hurtful to others."I will not take any action against anyone except to warn and remind MPs not to utter such words again."
see........ if you always minta maaf, sometimes without doing so, you'll be forgiven too....
Later at a press conference, Lim expressed regret at what he described as "unparliamentary behaviour".He said this had demeaned parliament and degraded the country’s 50th anniversary celebrations.Lim said it was wrong to spring such surprises, referring to Raja Ahmad’s action in shouting Merdeka. "They should have followed proper procedure, which is moving a motion to express support for the nation’s independence."
see........... even Mr. Lim's being too polite already...
Back to the title of my post dedicated to my beloved nation's 50th years of independence... I wish our mind will be more open and independent and may God blessed us and let us be INDEPENDENT from those unruly MPs.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sentimental KK - Pt One

One of the activities I enjoyed most in KK is hike, albeit the small hill of Bukit Padang.
How can I not mesmerised by these clouds?

Taking my own shadow while on the hike...

Some ray of light...........

Other hiker......

The path that you need to go through..................

Your reward at the peak of Bukit Padang, magnificient view


Sometimes, your view may be obstructed and you can't see clearly but you will.... eventually.

It may be hazy sometimes. Your vision may not be crystal clear...

But you know it's gonna be fine. It's perfectly nice on the other side.....

And not only that, it's simply breathtaking..............

Along the journey, you may want to rest for awhile, not on the laurel but a small stop. A little rest for a long journey.

You will find that the haze is gone, the vision is clear....

Though it's setting, but the glory is still there....

It may dimmed but look at what it did to others......

They became more colorful.....

And magically splendid.......
And stunning..........
Makes the hardship worth.......
As the views and journey made it pay for it.............


Antique Car Exhibition in Giant, Mile 6

My dream car... not exactly antique car but my dream car....

Nice engine, either brand new or properly maintained.

Cadillac, albeit a Pink One

Kereta Kura-Kura?

Anyone can enlighten me what model is this?

And this?

This will be good "kao-lui" in the old times I guess. Convertible leh.....

Is this Austin? Or the previous one?

The Cadillac in near....

Cadillac again......

Very Batman-Gotham-City-like....

I like this the best. The owner said they only finished "make-it'run" the day before the exihibition, if I didn't hear wrongly.

Reminded me of the little yellow family van in Little Miss Sunshine

Choose what color you want.

Prosperous Water?

I remembered I like raining during my kids time. The most memorable rain I had was sometime when I was studying in kindergarten I guess. It was the most serious flood in Sandakan as I remembered and we were stranded before Mile 4. Maybe some of you remember that before the big longkang was built in Mile 4, it's the flood-prone area I remembered about 8 of us were in a normal sedan car drove by an auntie and stranded on the road as the water was about ankle-height. We stopped at the Shell station before Mile 4, you know... the 1st station with the automatic car washing thingy???? and we hiked up the hill before that. And I only know recently that my friend Mavis used to stay there as well!!!

Mat Rempit in Sabah???

The pics taken during my drive from Lahad Datu to Tawau and a group of Mat Rempit were hogging the road by monopolising the lane. One of the drivers even have the word rempit sprayed on his helmet!!!

Getting ready for action..................

Here they go.... rempit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, did you know that some political party sponsored some mat rempit to be social "watch" man and even send them overseas to do some record breaking e.g. 1st Malaysian to what-what-what etc etc!!!!!!! See... Mat Rempits are instrumental in our country's progress!!!

Singing Machine - Not Karaoke but Jaclyn Victor

When the 1st Malaysian Idol was in the rave few years back, I have to admit that I'm not a great Jac's fans. I mean, yes, she can sing and very well but somehow, she didn't get me hehe... But yes, she's the best singer of all the contestants and she deserved the winning to the dot.
So, when my friend, Brian invited me to watch her performance in Tawau recently, I was like... OK.... but agreed cox Juwita Suwito will be performing as well. It's like giving Jac a chance (haha.... like I'm somebody!!!)
So, how was it you may ask. She was great. I mean she can sing very well. Well-known for singing with her mic far from her mouth which I remembered during the Malaysian idol times, she did just tat. Another trivia is that she was really nervous indeed as she always mentioned during the Malaysian Idol times, which at that time, I doubted it BIG TIME since she sings in pub and stuff, no way she is nervous but she really did especially during the 1st song of her set.

Doing the sing-along gesture a-la Leon Lai Ming

She enchanted the audience with (surprise.. surprise!!!) L.O.V.E. (an old jazz standard), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Satu Harapan (is it??? couldn't remember), Cepat Cepat.

What's a Jac's performance without her signature tune Gemilang right? She tried to work the crowd by asking us to sing "Gemilang" and "Reality" but tat didn't quite work hehe... shy I think.She did a splendid rendition of "Jesus Take The Wheel" as well, a justice to the original singer Carrie Underwood. And speaking of coincidence, she ended her set with "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys and just a week before that, the KK Jazz Festival I attended ended with the same tune as well!!!! Hmm...wondering what does that mean huh?

Autograph signing session.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Day To Be Remembered

Certain things are just too important to be forgotten, of utmost importance to be remembered.
I would like to remember it as something that laid the foundation for better days to come.
I would like to remember it as a reminder of how lucky and grateful I am.
Let it be...... A DAY TO BE REMEMBERED.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Not-So-Shocking Shock

World Badminton Championship

Taufik lost to Indian high-seeded slayer? YES, it's a SHOCK.
Lee Chong Wei lost 2 straight games to Sony Dwi Kuncoro? NO, that's a NOT-SO-SHOCKING SHOCK

Looks like the gals did us proud again.
Wong Mew Choo slayed Lin Dan's honey Xing Fang straight games under 10 and THAT IS A SHOCK albeit a welcomed one.
Pei Tty and Eei Hui progressed to next round.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Couch Surfing (CS) and Hospitality Club (HC) Friends IV

Hezrina is my partner-in-crime in both CS and HC in KK. Met her less than 10 times (I think maybe less than 5..). I still remember the first time was SUPPOSED to be when she hosted Anton but I was just back from outstation and the next morning will have to wake up early for a treasure hunt (yeah...I'm a hunt freak) so I had to ffk (take a rain check). My first time meeting her was funny cox she mistaken me for Kian, another HCer, well.. which coincidentally also my name! Then after that we met a few times with other travellers in KK.

She's a fun and joyful character. Nice to have conversation and passionate about travelling too. I remember she knows Sweden quite well when we met Emma before this. These 2 pics were taken when I bumped into her at the end of the recently held KK Jazz Festival. You rocks HEZ!!!

Sunset @ @tmosphere