Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Singing Nun - Dominique

I still remember my university year when I bought my first computer and hooked on the solitaire game (err....still kinda is hahahaha....) played that until early morning the first night I put up the desktop. Besides using it for assignment, which was just about 20% max of the usage, the rest of the time was dedicated to playing VCDs which can be found in great abundance in pasar malam at a very cheap price!!!!!!!!! And also with internet connection (dial-up, mind you!!!!) when I was in 3rd year, I managed to "collect" quite a number of songs.

One of the song that I searched for quite long and proud that it was in my "collection" was Dominique by The Singing Nun. I first heard the song over 988 radio station but I forgot which DJ play it, either 林丽叶 or 展雄 but it stuck in my mind. Reclaimed by the Belgians, now a movie will be soon released on The Singing Nun. The real story here and the movie (1966 version) is here. Enjoy the quiryky Dominique.

Dominique - The Singing Nun

Same Same But Different II - 恋一世的爱 at least Once In A Lifetime

The cover version by Shirley Kwan 关淑怡 - 恋一世的爱

The original version Once In A Lifetime - Gregorian

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paris : Touching Sandwich

The sandwich in the form of French loaf prepared by Michel as my lunch on the train and it was a touching gesture. Felt like second mother; not to undermine my own mother because she's the greatest mother and it made me miss her too. Michel cooked a full bag of dishes for Pierre in Paris (and me too hahaha!!!).

Saint Jean en Royans X : Leaving.....

It was time to leave Saint Jean en Royans and it was not easy. But I have to take a train to Pairs, my last destination in France before going to UK for my official business trip.

Not only I miss the picturesque and lovely house of Guy and Michel.....

Not only the nice and claming garden full of flowers and vegetables.....
Not only the delicious and yummy cooking filled love and care; the enjoyable conversations about almost everything on the face of earth, travelling, and what else??? Sarkozy and Carla Bruni hahahaha .... oh... not forgetting Segolene Royal!!!

Of course, I missed the hospitality, love and care from Guy and Michel!!!!!

On the way to the airport, Guy and Michel did not stop telling me stories about the whole place, which is famous for its walnut trees!!! And we even stopped half-way to take picture of it!!!!

Me and Michel

My heart is aching while leaving....

At the train station to Paris

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saint Jean en Royans IX : Trekking

Saint Jean en Royans VIII : It's Mushroom Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suspect Michel had an in-built mushroom detector because she can see it even when our car was moving along the road!!!!!!!!!! And of course we were fully equipped with plastic bags and knife and the back of the car :)

Not all is edible though...........

The edible and wanted species........

The black bell edible type........

The biggest we got after 2 days hunting......

Saint Jean en Royans VII : Berries Hunting

Shyly hidden underneath the leaves

Black one....



Me busy hunting.........

This was our dessert tonight with whip cream!!!

Saint Jean en Royans VI : Paragliding Site