Thursday, May 31, 2007


We were basically cruising the whole KK city the last two days. With all the people from Sandakan and other places flocking to the city, it was an anti-climatic plot twist to find that the city is not as packed as expected. The roads were not jammed with cars at least though we were brushing shoulders with tonnes of familiar faces from Sandakan. So, where had all the people gone?????

My "sin-ga" conclusion? "Everybody can fly" fly those people away to destinations such as Macau, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, KL etc for this long extended holiday (imagine, it's 10 days holiday with weekends included and only take 3 days leave!!!). Kudos to Mr. Fernandez.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's A Holi-Holiday - School Holiday cum Harvest Holiday

Hurray, hurray, it's a holi-holiday!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtesy of the Harvest Holiday, Sabahan enjoy 2 days of holiday and this is a good timing especially for those with children schooling as it's also the school holiday.

In KK, you know it's definitely holiday when:

1. ...your neighbour suddenly have 10plus extra family members who are 70% children with their cartoon network blaring from the TV.
2. ...your neighbour suddenly becomes a hot-tempered person who shouts all day, scolding their children, DUN GO THERE, DON't TAKE THAT etc...
3. ...the cinema is full of children running around and you should be thankful and pray to God that your cinema pleasure is not being ruined by kids (and I mean lot of them) running in front of the screen or keep asking "Why Captain Jack so ugly one mamie?"
4. ...Warisan Square and Centre Point becomes traffic-locked.
5. have to queue or wait for at least an hour for your dinner at the restaurant.
6. ...the list goes on I guess...

Karaoke Craze - The Ultimate MALAY Karaoke "Must-Sing" List

Liangmoi is always dependable when I want to look for someone to sing karaoke together. And after such a long time deprived of the joy of belting out songs to torture other patrons of the karaoke, my urge to sing suddenly came to play last Sat and liangmoi agreed to accompany me.

We went to ECHO karaoke in Sabah Hotel. Below was the songlist that we "performed" that night:

1. 富士山下 – 陈奕迅
2. 烈 Girl – 杨千华
3. 罗密欧与朱丽叶
4. 背叛 – 曹格
5. 专属天使 - Tank
6. 我可以 - 蔡溟佑
7. Beautiful Love – 蔡建雅
8. 我真的受伤了 – 张学友
10 lu 行的意义 – 陈绮贞
11. Mungkin Nanti – Peter Pan
12. Januari – Glenn Fredly
13. Bukan Cinta Biasa – Siti Nurhaliza
14. Keabadian Cinta – Anuar Zain
15. Di Akhir Garisan – Nora, Ziana Zain, Ning Baizura, Titi DJ
16. Tiada Lagi – Amy Search
17. Kenangan Terindah – Samson
18. Mulanya Di Sini – Freedom & Seha
19. Suci Dalam Debu – Iklim
20. Dilanda Cinta – Shahnon Shah
21. Pergilah Sayang – Ella & Korie
22. Ini Rindu – Farid Hardja
23. Di Persimpangan Dilema – Nora
24. Sephia – Sheila On 7
25. Keliru – Ruth Sathanaya
26. Kaulah Segalanya – Ruth Sathanaya
27. Seribu Impian – Casey
28. Aku Masih Sayang – Shahrizan
29. Untukmu….Kini – Feminin
30. Mengapa Harus Cinta – Vince
31. Akan Kutunggu - Candy
32. Shape of My Heart – Backstreet Boys
33. Midnight Train to Georgia
34. You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi
35. 2 - KRU
36. All Out Of Love – Air Supply

ENCORE SELECTION : Kenangan Terindah - Samsons

It all started when we sing the first 3 Malay songs.... from Peter Pan's , Glenn's to Datuk Siti's , we chose all Malay songs. And it's actually such a rare occasion that we can sing ALL Malay songs because normally our other kaki karaoke will despise such songs to be sang haha..... Of course we did sing some Chinese songs in between to neutralise the Malay flavour.

Looking at the list, we missed some notable songs which we always listen to or it's hip and popular during our primary school times. For example, we failed to sing other songs which is the same era with , groups like Spring, Damasutra, Slam, UKays, Ekamatra, Fotograf etc..... (I know some of you might be scolding us now hahahaha.....).

We also avoided some of the VERY VERY popular ones like which is not a quirky choice, at least our friends know about this song. That is why we ended up with songs like by Sharizan, by Candy which I am sure not known to a lot of people.

Due to the time limitations there were some selected songs that we couldn't sing to entertain ourselves such as:
1. Fiona – 4U2C
2. Untukmu Ibu – Exists
3. Puji-Pujian - Raihan

So, if you like Malay songs as well, not only the new current ones but the one of your era, please comment.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thanks to Star Movie - House of the D and Crazy/Beautiful

What is the saving grace to the lonely nights in hotel room during outstation? Of course it's the hotel TV, IF they have enough channels to burn away the boredome. I suffered the lack of TV channels in Lahad Datu 2 days ago which eventually led me to miss the American Idol (OK, enough rant about tat....)

But in Tawau, the hotel fared a bit better with Star Movie, Phoenix and Sports in addition to TV1, TV2 n TV3. However it was different when I stayed here previously as it has tonnes of channels from Indonesia and China. This is the same hotel where I watched Zhang Yi Mou's and Stephen Chow's dubbed in Indon!!! I guess they changed it due to the regulations of the illegality of the kuali.

Watched starred MJ, the Mary Jane in Spiderman, Kirsten Dunst. Not a conventional beauty, she is captivating in with her character as a rich spoilt brat indulged in alcohol and reckless driving while Jay Hernandez is as "sweetly-innocent-Latino-poor-kid" as the character needs him to be in the movie. Typical storyline but fueled with just-right acting from both Dunst and Hernandez, the movie is quite good. Oh, crazy refers to Dunst and beautiful to Hernandez in the movie.

I remember saw the DVD of but never buy it. It was directed and written by David Duchovny (yeah... the X-file guy) who last I saw was in with Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Billy Crudup. It was a coming-of-age growing up story about an American guy who escaped to Paris to avoid all the turmoil in NY. Starred Tea Leoni as his younger character mother, Robin Williams also play an important role in the movie as Tommy's (Duchovny's character) best pal who was 41 yo and mentally challenged. Not really a fresh take of the similar type kinda story but it does have its feel good moments. Good watch actually.

Robin Williams character, Pappas said something like this, "I have changed too. I was retarded before. After that it was changed to mentally challenged. Then mentally disabled"

This brings me to mind about an article I read in The Star by Wong Sai Wan about the PC syndrome. Has we become so PC (oh... by the way, it means politically-correct) aware nowadays? Not to say I'm entirely agree with what Wong said but go and read his article.

2nd Miri International Jazz Festival (Part 2)

(captions and write-up coming SOON......)

The show started with a group from Morocco providing the spiritual ambience.

The outdoor area of the Pavillion. Food and beverage stalls aplenty.

The crowd inside the Pavillion.

The George Washing Machine Quartet; violin, bass and 2 guitar.

Their musics are tropicana-carribean beach breeze infused.

George is good at teasing the crowd with his antics. His violin string was broken though it didn't even affect his performance!

Next who stormed the stage is the smoking Havana Sax.

These boys (errr... men) were so good at their sax and they even have a choreographed dance move which you might mistaken them as a boyband!!!

The excited crowd.

Saxaphone can, flute also can!

The Havana Sax did the unbelievable!! They mix rap and saxaphone!!!!!

With yo!yo!yo! and saxaphone blended as a fusion, the result is surprisingly harmonious!!!

The manager can't help but dance to the tune and get in the groove!

The Miri Beyonce back in action again!!!

The wrist band ticket.