Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are You Surprised?

I mean... when you heard Badawi answered Wee (MP for Wangsa Maju) on the Lingam probe... that THREE OF THE FOUR BEING INVESTIGATED HAD BEEN CLEARED OF GRAFT CHARGES........ are you surprised?

Well, I am not. But that's not the only feeling I had. In fact, it had become no feeling at all................

Monday, February 23, 2009

81st Academy Awards

one thing for sure, I love the new presenting concept for the acting awards. it's so touching and heart-warming.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

我的情怀 III :她的第一次 My Nostalgia III : Her First Time

梁静茹 Fish Leong 一夜长大 (1999)
OK...I have to admit that initially I have no interest in this singer. Not that I am not patriotic (she's from Malaysia but made her debut in Taiwan) or she's not pretty (I guess it's quite obvious from the album cover) but I am not really into sweet sugary voice so I kinda dismissed her song (yeah....I know I am that close-minded).
But thanks to Calvin (yeah..the same Gigi Leong Calvin mentioned previously), he lent me this cassette and recommend to me relentlessly!!! And yes, I love it. The album was produced by the legendary Jonathan Lee 李宗盛 and apparently Fish was discovered by him! She's the earliest Malaysian Chinese female singer who made it big and Rock Music contributed much to her success.
The title track 一夜长大 (Growing Up Overnight) is the best in my opinion. The song has good lyrics penned by Jonathan and again it's his signature style with talking-style lyrics (but not rap) which made you feels like she's actually talking to you in rhythmic melodic way. The song was composed by 许华强 who also wrote another fantastic track called 解脱 sang by 张惠妹 (Ah Mei).

成长是, 爱情非自发性唤醒自己的过程
成长是, 懂得失去, 习惯寂寞, 适应彩虹与爱情的相似性
成长是, 尝试不露痕迹, 告诉我爱情的道理

Other notable tracks are 彩虹 (Rainbow) by 五月天 (Mayday), 迷路 (Lost) and 对不起我爱你 (Sorry, I Love You).

I actually accidentally tore the cover so I bought a new one to return to Calvin. This was the original Fish he lent me hahaha...

我的情怀 II :他的第一次 My Nostalgia II : His First Time

陶吉吉 David Tao (1997)

Speaking of David Tao, I still remember the 毛骨悚然 moment when I first heard his song over the radio. I still remember the radio station. It's a multi-language Voice of Asia, broadcast from Taiwan if I am not wrong. The DJs has immaculate perfect Mandarin and soothing voice. Their mandarin session was 10-12pm everyday. The first song by David I listened to was 流沙 (Everything's Gone - literally translated Flowing Sand) and I was completely mesmerised!!!!!!!!! No Chinese male singer sings RnB like he did. OK, he grew up overseas that explains right but his songs were so cool that time. At least for me. Most of his songs (debut album) are mushy-mushy though towards later stage his songs are more ambitious and talking more about big love, world peace and etc.
His smooth silky rendition of 流沙 (liu-sha) captivated me at that moment itself. I still remember asking my buddy Sherry to search for his album and the one taken above was bought by her. I couldn't remember how Sherry send it to me or pass it to me because she was studying in KL already that time while I'm in KK enduring my Form 6 life. Thanks Sherry!
The whole album is a gem! Another catchy fast accepted number is 飞机场的 10:30 (Airport in 10:30) with the classic sound dub of airplane taking off. David's style RnB is distinct in this particular song and his falsetto is amazing. Another karaoke and reality singing competition favourite is 爱,很简单 (I Love You - literally translated as Love, So Simple). Joanna Wang recently cover the number in English.
沙滩 (Blue Moon - literally translated as beach) is another favourite covered by Tanya Chua successfully and countless other flop attempts by other singers. 王八蛋 (Bastard) is one of my favourite song!!!!!!!! It's always fun to sing this number especially when you want to release your anger or such. "你这个没有心的王八蛋 你会有一天后悔" (you heartless bastard, you will regret one day). not to love the song???
是是非非 (Yes No Song - Yes Yes No No) Catchy chorus in perfect harmonious background vocal.
心乱飞 (Do I Do I) Another perfect vocal choreography with catchy chorus!!!
十七岁 (Our Love - 17 years old) This is interesting as the song fade in with a phrase in Malay!!! Yes, it's "Kembalilah....Itu saja sayangku....Terima Kasih.
望春风 (Spring Wind) A great remake of the Hokkien classic which later become a style of David's album to feature a remake of a classic.
The release was successful and gimmick to blasting the radios with his songs but no release of photos or David himself in person made it such a mystery to the market at that time. He made his mark in the Chinese music scene since then and claimed to be the Chinese Father of R&B.
P/S : Anyone who saw a CD version of this album please let me know. I would like to buy it. Thanks.

Friday, February 06, 2009

我的情怀 I :她的第一次 My Nostalgia I : Her First Time

顺子 Shunza (1997)

The first artist I feature here is Shunza 顺子. I still remember when I first bought her cassette (not CD), one of my hostel mate Calvin asked me why I bought albums like that. Well, he's very much into Gigi Leung that time so I guess that explains hahaha.

I first heard the song 回家 (Come Home) <1997> over the radio (I mean REAL radio and not over the internet) and totally hooked. And I still remember I got to know that the MTV was going to be played in a TV program, something RIM Chart the Chinese version and made sure myself sit in front of the TV at 7pm. But I think the program showed on Sat and since I was staying in the hostel during my Form 6 years in La Salle Benildus House, time is really a luxury. I forgot what's the reason but that day, I think brother is not there or that was actually our free week so I get to sit in front of the TV and saw this MTV and it got me hooked.

The voice and style of singing is refreshing and the song above was an instant hit!

But not many people know the other songs that are good in her debut album! She's very talented musically, writing and arranging most of the songs herself. Not surprising for someone with both parents as musicians. Her parents separated during her childhood time and her mom brought her travelling as musicians and she's known as the gypsy singer. She didn't sing typical Chinese songs in the typical Chinese ways that time and this made her stand out from the others. Her works are critically acclaimed though not mass-friendly. She made history by winning both the Best Newcomer and Best Female Singer award in the Taiwanese Grammy.
Other listening-worthy songs are 不想一个人 (Nights Alone Cryin') 永远等待 (Where Did We Go Wrong?), 太阳 (Sun) and 那那那那 (Na Na Na Na). Her songs are mostly R&B and electronica. Very heavily influenced by the African-American style. Produced by 滚石, a guarantee of quality at that period of time.
P/S : Please let me know if you see the CD version of this album.

Back to Primitive Way

Thanks to liangmoi who loaned me her mini-compo (wonder how many youngsters now know this term???) for me to play my collection of cassettes (another out terms) to revoke my nostalgia haha.....

It's Cast; Again, What's Next???

Seriously, the outcome of the Perak fiasco isn't anything surprising isn't it? I again seriously think that PR can't do much to revert the outcome. Yeah...go sue the sultan but do you think the court will consider it? Sue based on what? Not following legal procedure? I think there're so much loopholes and given the efficiency of our courts, it's not going anywhere. Silap haribulan, it won't face the day when the next GE come.... Plus suing the monarch for whatever it is will invite backlash form the hardcore feudalism-embedded Malays, which are still aplenty especially in the rural area.

If PR (well...if PR still stays as PR) is really far-sighted, they should correct the fundamental mistakes they made in their candidates, both the state assembly and also the parliamentary seats. It's high time for them to REALLY assess their candidates for the future election. Come on, we know a lot of the candidates are NOT qualified or worse still, suspicious. How? Maybe they're the cast away people eliminated from their BN parties before this? Or those with corrupted-gene heavily infested in their mind lost out to their other super-corrupted-gene comrades in their previous BN parties?

For future election, I hope if I'm gonna vote for PR, I really hope I vote not only for PR but also vote for the candidate who impressed me as well.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

What's Next? Or Rather Which State's Next?

Now it seems like it's confirmed that BN will take the helm of Perak. Hmm....I have mixed feeling now about Sultan Azlan Shah. But well, I'm not Perakian so can't comment much. But what to comment anyway right? It's His right. No one can say anything during the Menteri Besar must be Malay Muslim fiasco so what else the Perakian gotta do now? Aku yang bukan orang Perak apa lagi???

Now.... I'm waiting what's next. Selangor? Negeri Sembilan? Well, one thing about Negeri Sembilan.... if the PR alleged frogging majority is just merely 1 or 2, FORGET IT!!! What do you think the Yamtuan will do???? Just to remind you lah.... who own the IPP leh?

What's next for me? Go sleep have date with Mr. Zhao Gung zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Old people can't stay late!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We Live In Interesting Times........... And Sabah is Weeping to See Another Comrade Falling Soon...........OH And I Think Brunei Sultan Is Stranded???

Well....first of all, the day starts as a boring and dreadful one for me. I had fever yesterday and spent the night with the weakening medication. Woke up quite early as I have to settle some work before driving outstation to Kunak, which took about 4 hours one way. Yes.... dreadful!!! And the rain never stop.............
I started my journey around 9am and reach my customer's site around 2pm and it's raining ALL the way. Finished my job about 5pm and still raining. Rushing back lah!!! Apa lagi???
Along the way I saw the water level on the drains along the road almost seeping into the tarred road already hence it's like those disaster movies I'm driving my Ford trying to leave the scene as soon as possible while the flood sign getting more and more prominent!
The real pang hit when I reach Mile 16 Sandakan near the Gum Gum Market. There was a line queuing up already and most of them are small sedan car... The Proton Wira in front of me trying to be a WIRA lah.... and potong the queue wanting to storm across the flooded road but stopped just before that. But it blocked the two lanes lah!!!!!!!!!! Aiyah brother....sometimes gotta ukur baju di badan sendiri lah......
My Ford bravely crossed it without much trouble. 4x4 high mah kan? The next one was Sepilok and then it had a few more. The stretch between Golf Club and the Rotary Club Clock Tower roundabout is the worst and after I crossed it, there was a Gen2 with smoke coming out from the exhaust and engine. Another hurdle was the entrance of the Forestry Department.
During the adventurous journey, my friend Amanda called and told me about the PR Perak government might be toppled according to the evening news. And it crossed my mind. Sabah is WEEPING. Why??? Kenapa????? It's all because Sabah is the first victim of defection-caused government change. That is why it's WEEPING.
Speaking of the Perak government fiasco...gosh....I just said I refrained commenting any in my previous post but I couldn't help it now.
Look at this :
1. BOTA defected to PKR. Anwar gembiranya!!!
2. "Corruption-trial" duo rumoured to defect to UMNO.
3. DAP Hee still ding dong as she'll be the determining factor.
4. Suddenly BOTA defect BACK to UMNO????
My Take :
1. BO ta Assemblyman mempersiasuikan.
2. The duo lagi tak payah cakap.
3. Ah Sou you can keep on ding ding dong dong lah.
4. Alanis Morrisette's "Ironic" playing in my head..... It's like rain on your wedding day -'s the 25th anniversary of Sultan Azlan Shah's throne. Well, it's kinda an irony for Anwar as well. Remember the Sabah PBS case?
Also........SULTAN BRUNEI IS IN SANDAKAN. Dengar dengar dinner in Libaran Mile 7.... Aiyah....if flooded just stay in Musa Aman's house lah... though it's not as big as Sultan Brunei's palace but dengar dengar that one also not that bad wor............
Last but not least..... I hope Sultan Azlan do the right thing. Let's pray..........
oh, one more thing......... besides the Land of Sodomy, Malaysia proudly present herself as the Land of Missing Person (Maybe the TV program Without A Trace should have a local spin-off) well.... we have Bala the SD guy, DAP's Hee, the "duo", the UMNO-PKR-UMNO Nasaruddin and many to come I guess, though those we hope REALLY go missing and never come back still lingering around. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wa Wa Wa......

I mean.... how much obvious can it be? I do not want to be dragged into the arguments of the morality of defection, or the validity of the pre-signed resignation letter or the EC's decision to reject the resignation.

I just want to ask this. COULDN'T IT BE MORE OBVIOUS THAT THE 2 ADUNs ARE TRYING TO BARTER SOME DEAL ON THEIR SOON-TO-BE TRIALED COURT CASE FOR CORRUPTION???? And to think they do this blatantly in front of us!!!!!!!!

Sigh~~~~ POLITICIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Birthday

It's the 7th day, traditionally known as HUMAN DAY. So, Happy Birthday!