Sunday, August 28, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

I started to hate the traveling part of my job. It's so hard t o have a worry-free weekend, e.g. I have to drive 6 hrs back to my hometown to settle some customer problem and that means I will have to spend around 1 week there. My schedule changed again and this certainly made a mess of my existing malnourished sales figure. Wat the heck??? It's still my job.
Looks like this blog is going to suffer from malnutrition as well. I yearn a holiday!!!!!
Good luck to all of you and HAPPY MERDEKA!

Friday, August 19, 2005

How do you define the chinese word on the left? It's pronounced as "jian" in Mandarin or "jin" in Cantonese or "qian" in Hakka. But in English? OK, in Malay is keji. Upon surfing for quite long in the online dictionary & translator...
despicable, shameful, contemptible (deed).
However, I still find that the translation is not really as per the chinese meaning. In chinese, esp Cantonese, the word may or may not be tat despicable. Contradicting you're saying? Nope.... one can actually feel the familiarity or some sense of closeness being called "jin yan" which means despicable person. For instance, when I called my boss the other day, the 1st word he uttered when he realized it's me, its "jin yan". I was not angry but relaxed straight away instead. I was listening to HK Commercial Radio tat day and the DJs (I really mean DJs with plural "s" because there were 3 DJs on the mic at the same time) were talking about this as well. The radio station known as "siong toi" in Cantonese is staffed with lots of exceptional and unique DJs, which is politically-correct descriptions for the characteristics better known as outlandish, foul-mouthed and unsympathetic. I mean they're brave in their words and has no reservations in expressing their own opinions etc... well.. to be fair to the local DJs... they have more voice freedom there in HK.
Then I thought about myself.....and I thought I am one of those jin yan as well. Oh.. one thing for sure... I have a jin mouth.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A new-found home

OK, I know I had moved a few places before but now finally I found this new home. I had moved my old posts here. More new ones to come baby.