Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Japan vs Malaysia

Well, it shouldn't be vs. Read an article in Newsweek on Japan and it made me realize why Mahathir introduced the "Dasar Pandang Ke Timur"/Look East Policy.
In a way, Malaysia is VERY similar to Japan. Well, not in a way like our KL transportation system is comparable to Tokyo's; nor in the way the cleanliness of Tokyo made even the KLCC area hide in shame not to mention places like Puduraya etc; not in the way our ah beng ah lian dressed like those Harajuku's anime or gothic or whatsoever style in Japan.
But the fact that Japan had been under the LDP for almost as long as BN ruled our country. Also the fact that LDP is currently lacking seriously in capable leader. You say we are not? How about a non-English speaking (only at certain times) potential Deputy Prime Minister?
Mahathir should be proud of this. At least when 2020 we are still not developed, he can take consolation of the success of his Look East Policy. Speaking of Mahathir... he's gonna attend (according to Marina Mahathir's blog) the Biggest Assembly of the Future Opposition Party (steal the "gotcha" from Jed Yoong....) tomorrow. Wonder what racist trashes he will spurn out...

Sudahlah Kak Dah

So, finally Rafidah fell from grace, lost 507-280 to Shahrizat, a deputy she proclaimed to be the next in line but refused to hand over the helm insisting the 3 months void. I myself like Rafidah for her brash and strong style, more manly than lots of UMNO men but can only shake my head on the controversies surrounding her.
So, "Sudahlah Kak Dah". Giliran Si Ijat pulak. Tapi kerusi tu dah goyah dah...., "Ijat, kerusi tu penuh ngan pepijat"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Speechless Again

I think at this moment, the "elected" soon-to-be PM will be addressing the UMNO Pemuda, Wanita and Puteri's representative in a closed-not-live UMNO assembly. What can we expect from the newspaper tomorrow?

I don't know. It might be the ultra-racist sentiments usually displayed during the UMNO assembly or the glossified version in the newspaper since there's no live telecast.

Without live coverage, I guess the tone will be rampant but what can we do right? I mean, don't even hope there'll be change at all. I read in the flight back from HK the NST something on the "finally-admit-that-he-understand-English" candidate saying that UMNO is changing but ended the interview his emphasis on the importance of stability. Being a minister who admitted that he didn't know English when arrested in Australia, he demonstrated the meaning of oxymoron to its max.

Change and Stability? Like water and oil lah.....

To Curb My Disappointment

I was very much disappointed that my HK trip didn't coincide with the HK International Film Festival that I missed such an opportunity to watch so many good movies.

But wow.... I saw the trailer of Yasmin Ahmad's latest movie, "Talentime" and it kinda healed a bit the disappointment. Some familiar faces such as Harith Iskandar and Adibah Noor. And it got Jaclyn Victor too. It's gonna be shown in cinema on March 26.

Here's the trailer. It might not be "Slimdog Millionaire" but the trailer gives me the chill already.

But I wonder what happened to her previous movie, Muallaf?

Back to Reality Again....

Yeah... it's the dreaded post-holiday syndrome....

Anyway, no work no salary. Continue holiday die already.

So, work loh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The View

from Avenue of Star was mesmerizing though it can be considered as light pollution albeit a pretty one. Oh and energy savings issue too. The Lantau Island with the big Buddha is endowed with nice sea view and the Ngong Ping 360 is impressive too.

But what spoiled the mood was the EPF dividend of only 4.2%. Sigh~ with April coming, income tax...... What the heck, I gotta enjoy it holiday with my family.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WOW..... 60 Billion This Time

But first and foremost.....................


In the spirit of Patrick Teoh's blog.......... NIAMAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pelanduk Dua Serupa : Reza & Landy

The above album is by an Indonesian singer called Reza, recommended to me by a friend of mine in Indonesia. She used to be a sexy singer with husky and sexy voice singing a lot of dance tunes. Released in 1997, "Keajaiban" is a good album with some nice songs, some familiar to us Malaysians if you listen to Malay songs.
My favourite is "Satu Yang Tak Bisa Lepas", a ballad nicely sung by her. "Pertama" also quite a catchy number but the one that ring the bell will be "Dia". Yes, it's the same song by our local Malaysian Jazz Queen Sheila Majid. Apparently the song was written by an Indonesian and it's a hit by Sheila. Reza mixed it up and made the song more to a dance music and it's fun.

I couldn't help but think of Landy Wen Lan 温岚 when I saw Reza's album cover. They look very alike. The picture above of 温岚 is the later years of her but when she just came out to the music scene, 温岚 look really alike Reza. But they seems to take different route in their singing career as 温岚 became more sexy now changing her musics to more danceable catchy tunes though I think her ballads are very good, especially her earlier ones composed by Michael or Jay Chou, i.e. 眼泪知道, 北斗星, 爱你的两个我, 蓝色雨 etc.

To see how much they look alike, check out the video below, a duet of 温岚 and Jacky Wu.

It's Champignons Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grenoble : My Glimpse of the Alps

Guy and Michel had to go back to Grenoble to attend their relative's funeral so it was a good chancec to have a glimpse at Grenoble. Guy is actually from Grenoble and yeah... meeting Lydie and Gabriel few days ago reminded me of Grenoble and my unfinished task of posting my photos in France so here you go.....

A small nice city with nice gardens everywhere.

I took the cable car to the Fort de la Bastille, Grenoble best known landmark.

Mont Blanc was supposed to be seen in good day and its whitish peak but it was summer during my visit. Grenoble is located in the broad valley with Chartreuse in the north, Vercors in the south (which is nice and I went to quite some of it with Guy and Michel later...) and Alps in the east.

This reminded me of the same river across Firenze, though it's less crowded and buzz comparatively.

Euphoria Gone

Well, it had been a year already and whatever euphoria yielded on the same day last year should wear off by now. What had been achieved so far?
Penang did OK I guess amid the slump in the electronic industries but the havoc in Kedah, Perak and Selangor did make Penang look better. But having been under the same tuan for about 50 years really did infilterate and program the civil servants and government officers to sing and dance to the tune of their old master and this is one of the biggest obstacles ahead though the rakyat did make some changes.
So, now what? I don't know. With the endless drama unfolding continuously while the economy gone bad to worse, the politicians still in their own cocoon busy protecting certain races' right trying to gain attention since the party election is gearing up, it's a sore sight to the eyes.
I choose to rest during the extended weekend. It's great that Monday is a holiday....

Friday, March 06, 2009

2009 KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt

OK, it's a dismal performance of ours. Yeah... it's been quite a long time we didn't hunt together. Yeah, we get rusty after all the dormant months. And lots more excuses if we keep on but the fact is that we did terrible this time. Result accepted but I can't deny we had great time and that's all it matters right? Hahaha....

We got #3, went on the podium last year ( see here and here ) so it's natural we aim for #1 and #2 this year lah kan (though it's quite impossible since the KL teams are here) but in the end, we got both. We got 12 !!!!!!!!!! Hasrat termakbullah kan???
Auspicious number kan? #8 wor.... but our placing was even worse than #8.

Thanks to Adidas, we got a free jersey instead of the flimsy usual hunt T-shirt. Yellow and White. So, after a good warm-up exercise, we flagged off from Nexus Karambunai.

The famous hunter/runner who made it to the podium as the Sabah king this year. Congrats Corny! Stacy the previous AF winner performed and she claimed that she hunt as well!!! Tak perasan lah beb!!!

After few rounds of feel-good lucky draw, the prize giving started. The regulars include Ayam Kokok but where's Renee???
Moira and her sis picking up their prizes
Moira and Jason's team

OK... our team... The Bache"lords" hahahaha
Team Main Tembak
Shirley and her team

The 2nd generation of Main Tembak team... Bravo!!!!!
But but but..... the mock cheque was ours last year!!!! Sob sob sob....

I didn't manage to take Corny's team photo as I was using Corny's camera to capture their winning moment. Above was the winner from KL.

Friends Who Travel IX (Couch Surfing)

It was quite some time that I didn't host anyone via couchsurfing or hospitalityclub. I received a request from Lydie and Gabriel from France and since I was in KK during the time they were there, I decided to meet them at night and bring them around. Brought them to my usual place in Damai and showed them the local haunt!
They had a great adventure with car broke down in Kudat and missed the chance to visit Rungus village. Not only they were disappointed but me too because I never been to one and hope to hear from them. They hitchhiked from Kudat to Ranau via Kota Belud (bravo... cox I myself taken the Kota Belud-Ranau route before!!!) and took a bus to Sandakan.
Gabriel (L), me and Lydie (R) with the tasty Chartreuse
They stayed in Sandakan B&B in the harbour square. After dinner, they invited me to their hostel to have a taste of Chartreuse. I am not sure if Michel and Guy mentioned about this before but since it's actually a specialty from Grenoble, I think Guy did mention. Anyway, it's very nice strong drink and we chatted till 12am+ on topics from Malaysia to France, sharing views on capitalism, communism, Sarkozy and Mahathir (haha... so serious huh?) to travel adventures and funny stories on different cultures etc. It was an enjoyable night spent with them!!! Will definitely hope to meet them again in the future, in Malaysia or France!!!!

Guy and Michel, it's great stuff from Grenobles!!!

Last but not least, wish you two a great adventure!!!!!!!! Happy Travelling!!!!!!


任性是什么呢?那就是晚上10。30 驾车去快餐店买一份薯条回来吃。

Rebranding PR Company?

Watching Larry King....

A correspondent who has her own company who's doing, "Branding Architechture Exercise"

yeah.... I know.... what the hell is that??? Oh..... it's a PR company. Like that.