Monday, July 27, 2009

My Moment with Yasmin......

I think it was at least 3 years ago... or approximately that time. I still stay in the BH during my days based in KK. I went to watch a movie on a Thurs (or was it Sat night?) night with MC but forgot what movie was that. I was tuning in to AiFM (previously known as Radio 5 - Mandarin) which was a rare thing especially when I am not in Sandakan (as Sandakan have no other Astro radio... even to this day). The reason I tuned in is because of a DJ called Ji An. His programs are the ones that I listened to (love his programs of movies, music and dialects... I will blog about that later).

And guess what, it's Yasmin Ahmad being featured in the show!!!! I think it's Sepet that she's talking on the radio. But I think that time was after the showing of the movie in cinema. I told her about how much I like the movie and my frustration that the movie was shown for few days only in KK. We had quite a conversation together with Ji An as well, about the movie industry in Malaysia, the challenges she faced with the censorship board and etc....

And this morning when I was driving from KK to Lahad Datu, I tuned in again to AiFM as there's no other frequency available and snippets of the program was on air. It's the signature of Ji An's program jingle of Yasmin semi-singing "Ni Jiao Shen Mo Ming.... Wo Jiao Ya Se Min....". That caught me off surprised. I realized we will never to hear her speaks anymore. Then the snippets continued with Yasmin singing parts of the Sam Hui's song, "Yat Bun Wa Wa" (Japanese Doll). At that moment, I was tearing.

There'll be no more Petronas ads to savour at during the festive seasons. There'll be no more barrier breaking, thought-provoking movies with Malaysian setting from her again.

Semoga Tuhan mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.
Yasmin, the real Malaysian!
My previous posts on Yasmin.
I leave you with this nice song, "Hujan" performed by Adibah Noor from the movie Mukhsin. It indeed is hujan....a heavy sadness-filled one....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Very Sad..... Farewell Yasmin Ahmad

Just got back from watching Harry Potter 6. Prepare to sleep for Treasure Hunt tomorrow morning. It's raining so the hotel Astro's channel are having service disruption. TV3 news ended with the news of Yasmin's passing.
Al-fatihah. May God bless her soul. It's indeed another black day for Malaysia.
Guess the rain showed that they sky is weeping....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yasmin, Wishing You A Speedy Recovery

yasmin's pic from Khoo KS blog

Yasmin Ahmad, the critically-acclaimed Malaysian film-maker is in critical but stable condition after surgery following her sudden collapse while presenting a paper in TV3 Sri Pentas.

Nothing is more important than wishing her a speedy recovery and pray for her now. Malaysia is proud to have such a brave citizen and we are looking forward to her movies. Malaysia need more of her provocative yet subtle movie gems.

I am waiting for your next movie, Yasmin! Get well soon!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paris 20 : Bon Ami

Thanks to Pierre whom I met in 2006 (was it???) in KK, Sandakan and Tawau via Couch Surfing, I had a great time in France, not only in Paris but also the invaluable and memorable once-in-a-lifetime kinda experience in Saint Jean en Royans with his parents, Guy and Michel.

And of course, thanks to Stephane, Pierre's housemate.

It's wine and dine..... with Marie too...... Oh... it's also a small cinema too as the white wall shown above also acts as cinema screen!!!

Merci Beaucoup Monsieur Pierre!

Paris 19 : Play???

Saw a dress-rehearsal on the way down from the Basilica Sacre Coeur.

Paris 18 : Montmarte : Searching for Amelie?

Searching for Amelie in Montmarte?

The landmark in Montmarte...Basilica Sacre Coeur

Paris from the Basilica Sacre Coeur

Paris 17 : The Red Light District

Well...the names are self-explanatory...

And they have a museum too... Musee du Erotisme

Paris 16 : Champs Elysees

The famous Champs Elysees...

I only took photo of the LV but not the other brands...

The typical outdoor cafe for people-watching.....

Arc d'Triomph

Paris 15 : What's Going On?

Not only the sculptures were troubled.....

The Parisians too!!! Troubled by the scandalous nude pics of Carla Bruni a.k.a. Mrs.Sarkozy??? No need lah cox Mrs. Sarkozy is so casual about it!!!

Paris 14 : Walking from The Louvre to Champs Elysees

Started walking from The Louvre to the famous Champs Elysees.

Leaving the famous landmark designed by I.M.Pei.

Crossed a jardine again...with sculptures. Notice the Eiffel Tower at the far end?

Trying to pose the pic to do something to the Tower but failed.

Stools and chairs aplenty in the parks. With a book and a cup of coffee, there goes your Vitamin D.

The Obelisk.

Paris 13 : Musee du Louvre : Sculptures

There's a section in The Louvre dedicated for sculptures.

Jeanne d'Arc (Joan d'Arc???)


Hercule battling Achelous (Archilles?) metamorphoses as serpent

This is one of the highlights which I forgot.....

And this one as well. I remembered it's something symbolises love when the angel touching both the butterfly and snail (is it snail???).

The art of gossiping?

The fisherman's son and turtle

This funny sculpture somehow never fails to make me smile.