Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hallyu??? ~Korean Wave

Believe it or not.... Hallyu is here to stay! At least around the region; Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia too I suspect. As I am going to Seoul next week, I went to the AMK library to browse some guide book and there's none on the shelf!!!!!!! I mean literally none! Neither English nor Chinese!!! All on loan!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Handcuffed Freedom

You are now being released to the public but you have to wear a gigantic tag with words
"Do Not Come Near Me".

I might not be you but I can say I am DAMN PISSED now!
It's an insult of the highest order!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Break-Up Club (2010)

Break-Up Club (2010)
Director : Wong Chan Chan
Jaycee Chan, Fiona Sit, Patrick Tang

The two leads are natural. Wong tried something different here. Commendable but I love the movie mostly because of the performances of the leads. Surprisingly natural and good. And yes, Jaycee's acting is way much better than his father, Jackie Chan.

Black Swan (2011)

Black Swan is good. Natalie Portman is good. Sorry Annette Benning, not that you are not good but Portman is really good.
Vincent Cassel is good. Milla Kunis is good. Barbara Hershey is good.
(Thanks PT for the free tix)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Big C

The season finale is SOOOOO good.
Tears are flowing!!!!! I love Marlene!!!!!

The Big C
Laura Linney
Tagline : Time to grab life by the balls

I love Laura Linney. She won many Emmy and TV Globe. Hope she will snatch the Oscar one day, unlike Benning who's been snubbed four times!!!!
Showtime is great! Dexter, Nurse Jackie and now The Big C????? Hell of a great network!!!
Recently, I love Modern Family too!!!!! But that'll deserve another post by itself.