Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Packing & Moving 1

As I am packing my stuff, trying to throw out unnecessary stuff and keeping those worth keeping, I stumbled upon this farewell card I got from my ex-colleagues in J&J when I left 7 years ago. Reading what my ex-colleagues wrote made me feel warm and some left J&J already, some still there and some I still keep in touch frequently. Thanks for the memory.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 2010 - Taiwan CSers

Met up with my friend, Chia Chun and her mates in Taipei. We were having Taipei old street walkathon & eat-athon around old Ximen area.

Pics above taken at the temple, the last pit stop of the tour after a sumptuous beef noodle (sorry, Cameron, we didn't know you are vegetarian) and a special local flavor traditionally made ice cream. Too bad the "po pi liao" was closed at night so we couldn't see the place where the latest Taiwanese box-office "Monga" was filmed.

As usual, it's great to catch up with fellow CSers and again, thanks to ChiaChun for such a lovely night. Your effort towards greener life is definitely commendable and I will emulate it wherever and whenever I can. I will start by having a pair of chopstick around with me!

And of course, to Ethan and Sappho, it's great meeting you guys. Ethan, I guess we will have more lengthy conversations if we have chance. And Sappho, enjoy your trip to Spore and Siem Reap! And yes, ChiaChun, I am happy that now Taiwan will be ready to take over %h^n& with the great Eslite bookstore!!!!!!! Conquer it culturally!!!!!!!!!

Inception (2010) - Like

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hakka Jazz - Emily 官灵芝 ( 头摆的你 )

Another dialect jazz album. This time, it's from Taiwan where this pub songstress Emily Guan 官灵芝 contributed her voice in a delicious album of traditional Hakka folk songs given a jazzy spin. The title track, 头摆的你 made me decided to buy this.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The City Never Stop Reading

Yes...that's Taipei. With Eslite Dunhua Road open 24hours, Taipeians read all day. At 2am...the number of people in the bookstore is even more than the number of "non-stationary-buying" patrons in any bookstore in Malaysia any time. 好幸福噢!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Portrait Mode???

Who vs Who?

You think it's the battle between the oranje and bull ole???
Wronglah you people!!!
It's battle between Mani and Paul!!!
Read here

Having said that, I kinda agree with Carlos Marchena.
Now, shouldn't the spotlight on those players who's gonna running and chasing the ball like mad instead???