Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tiring Week

Tiring yet an enjoyable weekend...........

(up and coming featuring great friends during Elena's wedding)

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to........... drum rolls.....

Al Gore!!!!!!!!!!!! (and the UN Climate Change Panel, who's not omitted intentionally in the original version of this post)

What??? I mean our "great" Tun Mahathir lost to the ex-Vice President of US??? What????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

OK, does that make me sound patriotic enough of defending our ex-Premier who was one of the 181 nominees of the coveted Nobel Prize of Peace??? I thought that should be the response isn't it??? I mean, we always make a big hoo-ha if something Malaysian-related didn't go our way. Also how much we like to relate other's success or fame if there's a single teeny-weeny relation to Bolehland? Remember the Miss Georgia in Miss USA contest some time ago? Or the Australian Idol, something Sebastian?

But I guess since Tun M is not such a great supporter of the government when he criticize the government policies lately, my action above would not generate the patriotism aura around me. I should try another way then.

By the way, hope Tun M recover soon...

And to Mr. Gore, bravo and it shows that you dun have to be bothered that much about the betrayal of the Florida election results.

YOU WON AN OSCAR AND A NOBEL PRIZE MAN!!!! Nothing beats that, I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Mr. Bush Jr. : This maybe the inconvenient truth (pun intended) that may hurt you so much but I guess that's the price you need to pay.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Ours, NOOOOOOOOO, it's OURS!!!!!!!!

Recently, an Indonesian politician claimed ownership of the song Rasa Sayang and since we are using the song as a campaign lately, we have to pay royalty.

Hm....also read somewhere that another Indian politician claimed ownership of the Bhagwad Gita epic stories as well and since we have a localized version of the Mahabharata epic in the form of Hikayat Pandawan Lima, do we need to pay royalty as well when Mahabharata is claimed?

Reminded me also of the case of South Korean's United Nation World Heritage status of the Dumpling Festival (Duan Wu Jie) which sparked online objection from the mainland China's internet users.

So, siapa punya? Or it will be, HEI, ITU XXXXXX KITA PUNYA ALSO LAH!!!! Bolehlah kan!

I want to be sponsored too...as a tourist.

OK, if other people got sponsored for being a tourist and got his/her place plastered everywhere and DEFINITELY mentioned in the Bolehland Book of Records for 200mil, I wonder can I get the chance also? Oh, no! I guess not, cox practically, I'm not eligible.

But I can argue I also can do a lot of experiment up there! I mean, I have a full 6 credit hours of lab work in our extremely well equipped lab during my undergraduate years to justify that request. Also the ability to make-do with the improvisations of methods or procedures to accomodate the damaged/faulty lab equipments (oh... did I contradict myself cox I just mentioned how well-equipped was the lab). So, bring it on, whether to challenge the physics law or conduct experiments that will result in us winning the coveted Nobel Prize in whatever field, I can do it. I dun mind undergoing the tough and gruelling fitness program as I seriously needing that to curb the expansion project of my waist line. I dun mind braving the cold and loneliness in Russia preparing for the mega-project to fly our Jalur Gemilang in the space together with the other 2 tourists who purportedly pay less than me but never mind cox we have money cox we are now developed country already and we love premium seats. I can lament on and on about that but I can't help thinking about the whole angkasawan thingy though I had been avoiding reading the news covering the story these few days in the papers.

I was having a cup of teh tarik (how can they scrap the idea of making teh tarik in the space, which for SURE will be the only record unbroken in the Guiness World Record???) in Restoran Amboi and there was a live telecast over the national TV stations. I was not aware of the whole brouhaha until the loud commentator shouted MALAYSIAKU....... GEMILANG (reciprocated by the crowd at the event). Hmm.... I think at this point of time, I will be labeled as not patriotic. I looked patron, table next to me who shouted in unison with the TV; he finished his puff of cigarette after without fail exhaling the 2nd-hand smoke to his vicinity and nonchalantly threw the cig butt to the drain in front of the restaurant. So, should I say....Amboi, patriotiknya???

Dr. Space Tourist, wish you have a safe trip. Our nation need a hero and we find that in you.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Couch Surfing and Hospitality Club Promo

"if you can´t go travelling, make the travelling experience come to you"

Welcome Back to Sandakan, CK

Though I had moved my base back to Sandakan, the fact had not hit me that hard yet. The real pang of truth occurred last Sunday when I arrived in the evening time about 6pm and found out that there was POWER DISRUPTION. For my beloved Sabahans, this may not come as any surprise, especially those from Sandakan.

So, bring it on... But what irritated me is that this is not "FULL" power disruption, which means that there were some houses in my neighbourhood had power supply while some pity ones such as my house get nothing at all!!

While I was struggling to find my torchlight in the dark (darn... where did I put it???), my neighbour few houses away was blaring Lee Mao Shan to the full volume (ok, maybe not full volume cox in the silence of no power supply, it may appears to be very loud). As if that's not enough, she decided to enchant the whole neighbourhood with her horrifying version of Teresa Teng's classic.

Thank God the power came back soon after that. With the fans starting to cool off the air in the stuffy space, I said thank you, for the welcome gesture of my beloved hometown Sandakan.

P/S : Extended welcome to Alan de Great who's back with her gal and maybe having konlou mee in Sibuga market though I seriously doubted it since it's only 757am now.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Do you know why Mat Saleh's award ceremonies audience seats always full, never empty? Because they have people paid to dress nicely to sit on the seats the guest left; whether it's going to restroom or getting a puff, or receiving an awards for that matter. They are fillers, whose job is to make things looked full.
So, this post serves as the same function; to make this blog seems to be maintained regularly by its owner, oh... it's yours truly here.
Having said that, I don't want to be filler in anyone's life and vice-versa; even if it's not full. But I guess it's different when it came to completing someone's life right? Haha.... filler post turned into babbling post. Adios.