Friday, September 21, 2007

Learning from TV (#3) - Grey's Anatomy

We all think we're going to be great.
And we feel a little bit robbed when our expectations aren't met.
But sometimes, our expectations sell us short.
Sometimes the expected simply pales in comparison to the unexpected.
You gotta wonder why we cling on to our expectations
because the expected is just what keeps us steady, standing... still.
The expected's just the beginning.
The unexpected......
is what changes our lives.
~ Dr. Meridith Grey

It's Festive Season Again....

How do you know the festive season is around the corner?

I had the enlightenment when I drove back from KK to Sandakan and along the way, even in small towns of Telupid, there were numerous road blocks by either the police or the JPJ. That's why you know it's the festive season again.

Guess all of us have to cari makan.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ray of Light - Jalan Sandakan-Lahad Datu Version

Sentimental KK - Part Three

I remembered a post I did months ago "What A Simple Thing Can Do?". Now, the egg tarts above were another simple things that provoke astonishing amount of sentimental feelings in me. KK, I miss not only the place but the memories intact.

Joe, Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Joe, of course I remembered your birthday. So, how's your birthday celebration? Got first floor or not???

Corny Treasure Hunt

OK, first of all, the hunt is nothing of corny. It's just that Corny is the name I call the hunt-enthusiast, Cornelius who organized the hunt. And thanks Corny for taking such trouble to organize hunt for us in KK who are deprived of hunts.
The usual suspect : CK, Leslie, Teo and Hiew

The briefing before the hunt.

I was right about the grandma-in-the-car. She's the playmaker. Proof? They got #3!!!

Yes, we got #2. Of course the best position ever.

Of course, who's the champion??? Main Tembak lah, siapa lagi???

With regards to the hunt, Corny, we were happy that we cracked your "bold" question out of your expectation. Yay!!! V6 Karaoke and Lounge will induce smiles from us from now on...

Eseithon 1994 Friend - 老刁

This is 老刁 as his friends used to call him. I know him in 1994 when I was representating Sabah in the 1994 Eseithon while he was doing so for his homestate Perak. Due to the small number of Chinese participants in the event, we got to know each other and also the other Chinese students quite well.
Sometimes things were strange and work in a mysterious ways. I met him again in USM, 5 years later when both of us were enrolled in the engineering faculty, which means a boring and mundane 3 years of engineering study (insert yawn here.....). USM Engineering campus was in Tronoh and unfortunately for him, since his hometown is of all place.... Tronoh.
I still remember his family waited at the gate of the USM campus for a few hours during the morning of the registration days waiting for me as the distance between the gate and the campus was quite far, to no avail since I took the express bus and only arrived in the evening. It's a blessing knowing him and his family indeed. During my second year, I moved out from the hostel and stayed in Kampung Bali (yes.. it's a kampung) in those old kampung style of house and it was a good year. Lots of good food and soup (thanks to Teow's friendly family), lots of TV and never-ending supply of Chinese-vampire movie, and warmth festive mood during those festive seasons when all his extended family gathered in their house in Kampung Bali.

The famous Ampang Yong-Tau-Foo.

Big feast???

I Was Spotted

Thanks to the Merdeka celebration, I was awarded 10,000 Enrich points plus RM50 Temptation voucher when I was spotted in KLIA during the Merdeka week celebration. I claimed a piece of the luggage tag with design by the famous cartoonist Lat and displayed the tag on my belt and got spotted!!! And a pic was taken too, though I was regretting not to take the pic of my holding a mock luggage tag with my own camera.

Thanks ENRICH!!! Hmm.... gotta start planning how to use the points....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back from the Hiatus

My short hiatus had ended. Lots of work done (I mean, real work), people met for reunion and birthdays, chats and conversations enjoyed and a weekend well-spent in a memorable manner revisiting old places and exploring new places.

Reunion? Birthday?

The previous time we celebrated Sophia's birthday is about 4 years ago when we just started as freshies in the job market. Sophia's in Ipoh for training for her post of Branch Manager of one of the health lab and we drove all the way from KL to Ipoh. We staged a surprise for her though the plan was not without flaws and loopholes. By the way, I think Sophia should REALLY thank us cox she's like the only one whom we celebrated his/her birthday big time, not once but twice!!! Hahaha.....

This is the so-called X7's gathering sans one of the original member, Nasir. If any of you know where's Nasir or if Nasir read this.... contact us!!!

Revisit Old Places 1 - Melaka

This photo was taken during my short visit over the weekend in Melaka. Always been something I wanna do, visiting Melaka during weekend so that I can stroll along Jonker Street (which was changed to Jalan Hang Jebat, duh???) at night. More pic will follow suit in this revisit old place series...

Happy Belated 50th Birthday, Malaysia

Sentimental KK - Part Two

My stay in the Beverly Hills Apartment officially ended in August. The apartment I spent my last 3 years+ will be a fragment of my memory from now on. It's a nice little apartment, fully furnished. Tonnes of memory of course, like Alan said in the comment section, was some sort like a gathering place for lots of my friends. Alan was here with Peggie, Mak, Quek and others as well.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Short Hiatus

Due to unforeseen circumstances, which means I mislocated my card reader which leads to my inability to transfer my photos from my beloved Sony DSLR to my laptop, I will be unable to post any post in my blog. Till I get hold of my card reader (oh yeah... by the way, courtesy of liangmoi...), I will be taking a short hiatus from the blogosphere. Adios!