Monday, January 26, 2009

Classic TVB

All's Well DIdn't Ends Well

Just back from a disappointing movie outing. I know that there should be no expectations but this is beyond it.

Given a choice again now, I won't watch it. :( Why is it so hard to get some laugh?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

As much reasons as there are for a joyous celebration, spending quality time with family and friends who come back from overseas or other places, these long holiday is the perfect time to spend a little of it for yourself. Get some rest, recharge and turbo ahead in the definitely challenging bull year. Well, at least I gotta.
Happy Chinese New Year

Friday, January 16, 2009

KT in Focus (Updated)

And by the way.... tomorrow is the by-election of Kuala Terengganu.
PAS won with majority of 2631.

The CNY Breeze and The Prawn Cracker

I suddenly felt it this morning. The once-a-year CNY breeze. It's cool and a kind of its own. I hope the sun comes out more often as the prawn crackers I helped my mom to make are not dried yet! Otherwise, no famous prawn cracker this CNY.

With the Astro for my entertainment and the simplest basic ingredient for the prawn cracker, i.e. pepper powder and salt....

Doing manual labour trying to mix the fresh prawn paste with the flour. Took lots of pounding and mixing before rolling them into medium sized rolls. Steam it and cut it into thin slices after it's cold. Then dry it under the sun and voila!!! It's homemade original (means rich of prawn....not full of flour) prawn cracker. The dried unfried slices can be kept for years.

Oh... it's only about a week time left.

Hati-Hati Ya....

Hujan turun...errr sebenarnya lebih daripada turun; hakikatnya, lebih mirip kepada curahan air dari tangki bertan-tan isipadunya. Akan tetapi sepanjang perjalanan Sandakan-Lahad Datu-Tawau lebih kurang 380km panjang itu tidaklah dilimpahi hujan sedemikian rupa. Tatkala kereta yang dipandu mendekati persimpangan ke Lembah Danum di mana hujan bertukar pula menjadi renyai-renyai, aku ternampak polis trafik membuat sekatan jalan. Hatiku segera bertukar tempo; bukannya aku melebihi had laju atau tidak mengenakan tali keledar keselamatan tetapi disebabkan terpaksa menghentikan kenderaan yang sudah selesa perjalanannya.
Sesudah kuberhentikan kenderaan, aku menurunkan tingkap kenderaan di sebelah penumpang. Terpampang muka seorang polis pertengahan umur kategori pakcik dengan senyuman ramah berkata, "Hati-hati ya dik. Pandu perlahan-lahan. Jalan licin" dan sekali disudahi dengan senyuman ramahnya itu.
Benakku sedetik tersentak, terharu bercampur sebak. Kuteruskan perjalanan dan pakcik polis kelihatan semakin menjauh dari cermin pandang belakangku dalam kereta. Hujan renyai-renyai kembali bertukar lebat. Sebuah senyuman terukir di bibirku. Terima kasih. Moga hujan cepat berhenti, bukan saja di luar kenderaanku juga di dalam hatiku.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Such A Big Frog Leaping Around On The Street (Cantonese-tranlated Idiom)

Dear Sir/Madam:


Our warehouses are filled with great new and used warehouse equipment and racking products, ready for fast shipment.Due to the large amount of order we receive from Asia, most especially Malaysia, China and India, we are in need of agents who will work from Malaysia as payment agents.Customers will make payments into your account. Instructions on how the funds will be sent to us will then be given to you.

You will be paid RM 2,000 on every transfer and also get a Monthly Payment of $3,000 (USD)

Please provide us the following details to proceed.
Full Names:
Contact Address:
Mobile Phone Number:
Bank Name:
Account Number:

We only accept CIMB and Maybank Accounts.

Visit our website for more

American Equipment Inc.
223 6th Street Brookings,
SD 57006 USA


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lost.Indulgence (2008)

Karen Mok is enough reason for me to buy this. Review soon....

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Everyone Says I Love You (1996)

An old work from Woody Allen. Great ensemble. Julia Roberts. Edward Norton. Drew Barrymore. Natalie Portman. Goldie Hawn. Gosh... it's 12 years old movie!!! And it's a MUSICAL well.... before musical becomes vogue again these few years!!!

Review coming........

Changeling (2008)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rumput Bertuna @ Tuna-ed Grass

Well, since we are in the process of ushering in the new Ox year (2009 is ox year according to the Lunar calender), I am following the example of the ox... by eating grass. Though I slightly modify the menu by adding tuna, I think ox nowadays don't mind lah kan? Speaking of which, maybe I need to compartmentalize my stomach like ox too?

Love Is In The Air - Congrats Min Min and Keah Vee

I went to a university coursemate's wedding in Penang and to end the 2008 attending their wedding cum my short vacation inn Penang (the last time I was there was during my graduation from my alma mater USM with my parents and with liangmoi and Richard together), it was a great one.

Keah Vee doing his declaration of love thingy. Took a long time but I feel that Keah Vee fought with his shyness and poured out finally. Love do conquers!!! The "sisters" did a good job insisting haha....

The smile of happiness 幸福. Lots of ants around lah Min Min

Mission kinda accomplished as Min Min was led out from her room already.

The wedding was in Lone Pine Resort Batu Ferringhi and it's a perfect venue not to mention perfect weather!!!! Outdoor garden wedding's biggest enemy is rain or gloomy weather but the couple was blessed with none of those!

The ambience is just nice and filled with the right elements. Min Min and Keah Vee got a band playing too!!! Such a treat to the ears after so many senses satisfied with the nice environment nice to the eyes and delicious dishes for the taste buds. 16 tables under the tent outside the garden nearby the seaside a band was playing... what else??? Perfecto mundo!!! (oppsss.... pardon me for the Italian)

I forgot to turn on the image stabiliser so sorry for that. The flower girls and boys were so cute!!!

Wish this to be clearer. Min Min is like those big superstar who's sensitive to the camera. Mind you, I was few tables away!!!

I made a request to the band to play L.O.V.E. which I think is a nice add-up to their existing line up of songs. The band rocks and the female vocal has an aptitude for some Spanish as well. Mucho gracias anyone??? :)

The guests danced to the tune and in the picture was Maya (or is it Tia?) with her father!

The USM gang : (l-r) Mei Wan, Phang Chee Hoong, Yen Nee and yours truly.

Another one with the couple.

The mandatory "yum-sheng" session with the bride and groom. Our table had to get "import-player" from other table, i.e. Mei Wan and Yen Nee.

A great night. And yeah.... Min Min looked all lady-like and pretty that night. What they says are true, brides are always most beautiful.

For more professional picture, just visit the blog of the photographer that night at Thanks Malcolm and Keith for all the sharing.

Malcolm's photos are stunning and the picture below is one of favourite

Thanks to Min Min and Keah Vee for their great hospitality (err.... I even stayed at their new apartment and they haven't really move in yet... I know I know.... it's so paiseh....). It's the best wedding dinner I had ever been to. Small but warm, filled with love and blessings from all the friends and family, which is what matters at the end of the day.

Last but not least.......... quoting what John, the emcee was saying that night.........

20 babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

My 2008

The 2008 passed already. As cliche as it may sounds, it was kinda like a whoosh. Just flew away like that. How did I capture the moment? Nothing spectacular but having some drinks with friends at a-not-so-memorable cafe. Thanks to the friends.

Well, I'm not gonna write a review of my 2008 and indeed decided not to. Until few seconds ago when I listened to the replay of the midnight radio show of 嘩!嘩!嘩!打到o黎! and pardon me for copying what the DJs were thinking.

As a summary, my 2008.

王靖雯/王菲-愛與痛的邊緣 Faye Wong's cover version of 有多少愛可以重來.

張學友 - 如果愛 It's not perhaps. IT IS.

Looking forward to 2009.