Sunday, January 01, 2006

After all the Gung-hos

OK, finally it is Jan 1. Apart from the fact that it's a welcomed holiday, it's also the birthday of my dearest............. my beloved mom! Happy Birthday mom! And as you always said, the whole world is celebrating for you and as usual, you'll decline any gift when I asked you what you want for your birthday. Though you said, "nothing lah.... every year also the same......." but I know deep in your heart, all you wish is just simple things like all your family and loved ones will be happy and healthy. Mom.... I love you.

Coming to Jan 1 means that all the anticipations will end, temporarily as we still have the coming CNY + Awal Muharram holiday extravaganza whisking around the corner..... folks, the hard-to-miss signature CNY tunes (esp those of the unmistakably once-a-year Long Piao Piao) were blaring in the airwave already. Starting from the Xmas bells which continued to the New Year buzz, it's the most unproductive days of the years. Of course, apart from those who took leave, whether to clear their accumulated leaves (we were good in accumulating this and only use it when we were being threatened that it will be forfeited and cannot be brought forward anymore......hey, maybe 3 yrs of annual leaves untaken we're talking about here), those stayed on in the office will spend the days lazying around, the most productive ones will sort to do some housecleaning, be it 5S thingy or do some overdue filing. The remaining colleagues will compare notes on the following:
1. Where to have the ever-so-expensive Xmas eve dinner...
2. Where to hang out and count down for the Xmas...
(both applied on the New Years Eve too)
3. Any new year resolutions..... (this is so stereotypical and I stopped having them... ok, it's my own discipline and will power problem)
4. Wondering how much will the bonus be....... (I hate those who gets 3 months and above)
5. Any increment or promotion...... (I dun care about the latter as long as there's a healthy increase in the earlier)
6. What's your achievement for the whole last year..... OR what had you done in the previous year...... (yeah... this should be left to your ownself cox it may contain very personal intimate thingy unless you are an exhibitionist who embrace the idea of sharing with the entire human kind)

As the radio blaring out those feel-good ear-friendly warm xmas tunes, you will hear "ohh-ahh"s around the office blurted by your lovely colleagues saying, "Oh.....this is my fave Xmas tunes"...."Oh....I remembered this tune, it was the first Xmas eve I spent with my bf/gf.....(with details those exhibitionists more than willing to flaunt)" etc etc.....

My all time fave xmas tune is "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by the great Ella Fitzgerald. My all time pathetic New Year tune is "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" by any heart-wrenching voice. Yeah.... I had developed a disease called self-pitying syndrome, which enjoy the feeling of self-pitiness.

So, it's Jan 1.... how about yours?

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