Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Life Lesson from American Idol?

Ever wonder why sometimes things are not in our control? And we are talking about things that might create great impact in our life here! That's what happened to Katherine when she has to sing R.Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" (gosh.... what is the guest judge thinking for asking her to sing that "sung-to-death" song???? I mean what's other song choice worse than Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" and other Carey's impossible number???). It's good that she kinda retaliate when she blurted out "I didn't choose the song!!!". Go gal!!!!

But sometimes you can be saved by someone else's decision for you! Didn't believe it? Again... it's Katherine, when she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" chosen for her by the wise Simon Cowell. And she sang it beautifully, gave the frequently-covered song a new breath as what Fantasia did last 2 season with "Summertime". (Another excellent version of SOtR is by Tori Amos).

How about if things are in your own control? It may not do you any good indeed as proved by Kat (I Ain't Got Nothing But the Blues) and Elliot (I Believe to My Soul) for their own chosen final number. Both chose some bluesy and soulful numbers but the problem is that the songs were not easily-recognised (at least, not to me...). I had a feeling that they chose the songs because they like them but not that they're good at it. Things we like not necessarily are the things we are good at. That's life!

Having said that, some people just know what's good for them and Taylor is the testament of that. His selection, "Try a Little Tenderness" closed the competition with a bang. Not to belittle his performance but the fact that it's the closing number did something to audience's acceptance of the performance.

OK.... enough about the pretentious life lesson.....

My Scores for their respective performances :

Round 1 :
1. Open Arms - Elliot (OK though not great for me)
2. I Believe I Can Fly - Kat (thumbs down)
3. Dancing in the Dark - Taylor (so-so)

My Pick : Elliot

Round 2
1. What You Won't Do For Love - Elliot (OK)
2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Kat (WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
3. You're So Beautiful - Taylor (Another wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!)

My Pick : Kat & Taylor

Round 3
1. I Believe to My Soul - Elliot (so-so)
2. I Ain't Got Nothing But the Blues - Kat (bad choice)
3. Try A Little Tenderness - Taylor (he did it with a bang!)

My Pick : Taylor


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