Thursday, February 01, 2007

8th Jan - 3rd Day (Flooding Village and Flooding Forest, Kompong Phhluk)

Fisherman's kid with stylish pose.

My fave object, cloud.

The boat lady who brought me into the wondrous world of the Flooding Forest, Kampong Phlukk.

The boat lady's daughter and Mr. Charn, my friendly tuk-tuk driver.

Flooding forest 1.

Flooding Forest 2.

Flooding Forest 3.

Flooding Forest 4.

Flooding Forest 5.

The friendly boat lady with nice smile ending our flooding forest trip.

Leaving Flooding Forest passing the Floating Village.

Floating Village


My left food - with thick mud covered after our motorbike swamped into thick mud. Mud therapy?

Paddy field kid sympathizing us .

Innovative way to cover your meter.

Winding up the day at the Le Grande Cafe junction.


Anonymous said...

wow... that is some real nice pics of the forest you have got there... not to mention some nice skyline pics you have in the collection.

CK Tan said...

i always like skyline.
thanks for the compliments.
by the way, mind to introduce?
good day.

Anonymous said...