Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coal Coal Coal.... NOThing can stop the lunatics!!!!!

OK, the coal fired power plant issue showed without doubt how rhetoric the Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan slogan is. No one in the Sabah BN government is interested to know what the citizen (rakyat) think about the whole issue, let alone release informations or at least let the people know what is all about!!!!!!!!!!!
Consider this :
1. Sabah especially the East Coast consists of Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau (where the palm oil "cluster" - the buzz word after the collapse of the corridors...) is having power shortage AGES ago.... since my school time. Blame it on the incompetence of SESB alone is useless.
2. News out that a coal-fired power plant will be built. Why coal? Sabah has coal???? Rumours saying that our government signed a deal for coal to be supplied from Indonesia. How true is this? The train didn't stop here.... If you are concerned about being squeezed by the balls if the supplier decide to increase the price, don't worry... we actually have coal in Sabah!!! where???? Maliau Basin voila!!!!!!!!!! Long live the logging activity!!!!!!!! No more curi-curi like what happen now in the Danum area. How true is this? Well... still rumour..... You decide.
3. Ration on the electricity supply occurs on-and-off.
4. Now an Aluminium smelting plant is in plan in Sabah. Why Aluminium??? Do we have the supply? I thought Sarawak is having the same plant as well??? Oh.... looks like smelter plant is a HUGE electricity consumer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a 3.0 engine guzzling petrol!!!!!! Why oh why???? Aiya.... you guys still dunno? So, you guys can't resist the power plant loh... cox that's why they have to build Bakun in Sarawak mah!!!!!!! So, are these true???? Again... it's rumour again. You decide!!!!
5. Some say the power plant will be built using a 2nd hand power plant from China. Again... it might be rumours....
6. Come on.. some assemblymen already threatening the rakyat.... "have the power plant, if not, no electricity, don't blame gomen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Of course, maybe their English is worse than this or even if they speak in Bahasa Melayu, it won't be any better as well.
But after all these so-called rumours above and if you are aware of the situation in Sabah now... you should had firmly decide for yourself whether they are rumours......

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