Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 2010 - Taiwan CSers

Met up with my friend, Chia Chun and her mates in Taipei. We were having Taipei old street walkathon & eat-athon around old Ximen area.

Pics above taken at the temple, the last pit stop of the tour after a sumptuous beef noodle (sorry, Cameron, we didn't know you are vegetarian) and a special local flavor traditionally made ice cream. Too bad the "po pi liao" was closed at night so we couldn't see the place where the latest Taiwanese box-office "Monga" was filmed.

As usual, it's great to catch up with fellow CSers and again, thanks to ChiaChun for such a lovely night. Your effort towards greener life is definitely commendable and I will emulate it wherever and whenever I can. I will start by having a pair of chopstick around with me!

And of course, to Ethan and Sappho, it's great meeting you guys. Ethan, I guess we will have more lengthy conversations if we have chance. And Sappho, enjoy your trip to Spore and Siem Reap! And yes, ChiaChun, I am happy that now Taiwan will be ready to take over %h^n& with the great Eslite bookstore!!!!!!! Conquer it culturally!!!!!!!!!

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