Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Breakup (Not the Jennifer Aniston Flick!!!)

To the front of Wati who is now in Bukit Tunku, whom I hope is well.


I think our relationship should end here. My love for you was real but I have been clapping with one hand. You were so mean to me at your becoming-day party, just because you were with your rich friends while I'm from a difficult family. I never know there was a prawn behind the rock all this while; you were using me to make your ex jealous! How my liver hurt when you showed your true self. I guess what they say is true: hornbills with hornbills, sparrows with sparrows. Let me now bring myself.

Maybe it was the Satan-water talking, but why did you have to call me such names? You dropped my face-water and scribbed charcoal all over my face. Once is enough. I don't want the banana to fuit two times.

I know I am just a dispatch guy I still have feelings. I thought you were my my liver-fruit but you saw me as just a pick-up brother at best and a joke at worst. All those times that we ate the wind at Lake Gardens, feeding the ducks and rowing the boats, I thought a love was blossoming. But you were planting sugarcane at your lips. I gave you my body and soul but after the honey had been extracted, the husk was thrown away.

What your friend Suzy said to me still plays in my ear, "Your fish-hook is so small, don't try to contend with the ocean!" How did she get the information about my fish-hook? Have you been telling stories from inside the mosquito-net?

I know my school is not as tall as yours. But I still have self-price. So just pretend I never exist in your life.

Yours in sadness,


Reproduced from the book of bite-sized stories from Amir Muhammad, ROJAK.
Trying to play some game here. The story above really tickle me. Try your Malay peribahasa prowess by detecting them above hahaha.... in a way, it's kinda first floor!!!!!

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