Sunday, September 09, 2012

Top 10 Vulgar Movies 十大低俗电影

I love listening to HK Radio 903 & 881. The station is known to nurture lots of personalities with their own uniqueness. The DJs themselves are the main attraction and I have some favourite program that I made sure I listen to the archive everyday. Yeah... I'm that radio-nerdy haha...

And recently I listened to a program hosted by Matt 邹凯光 (Matt is hosting another program called 1872游花园 with 余迪伟 and Ah Bu) and 郭子健 called 十沟场. As you know, HK people like to play with the Cantonese pronounciations which they call 吃字, basically a combo of homonyms and rhyming. So the program name is actually a twist of the English word "sub-culture"!!! This particular episode was hosted with 彭浩翔 who's the current IT director in HK, swimming ably between satisfying the needs of local HKies and balancing it with the commercial factor of the mainland Chinese flavour.

This time around, these 3 directors chose the Top 10 of Most Vulgar Movies.
1. 邪 - 桂治洪 (Director) - This HK director is known for his "cult" status and he even directed a Malay movie in 1976 called "Sayang Anakku Sayang".
2. 女子集中营 - 桂治洪 (Director)
3. 血恋 - 李华月 (Director and Actress) - Made history as the 1st Chinese 3rd Grade Movie III that feature real sex scenes. It creates nightmare, believe me.
4. 打蛇 - 牟敦芾 (Mou Tun Fei or Mao Dun Pui in Cantonese) - (Director) - this is one of the ultimate cult movie according to the directors
5. 多拉A梦
6. 小小小警察 - Eric Tsang (Director)
7. There's Something About Mary - need to say more?
8. 低俗喜剧 - looking foreward to watch this
9. Borat - need to say more?
10. Beyond the Clouds - Michaelangelo Antonioni

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