Monday, February 06, 2006

Chaotic State after CNY

Finally the CNY mood had to be toned down as it reached the 7th day of the whole month of celebration. However, CNY tis year was not as smooth as we hope it will be.
1st, we had some major disaster in the Red Sea and the stampede in Philippines. Both cases should act as mirror to us in Malaysia as the rescue team in Egypt only acted upon the incident some 18hrs after it occurred and I am wondering how fast will b our response if it happen let say in the Straits of Malacca. The incident in Philippines also reflected upon us some points to ponder. The pulling power of a TV show offerring huge prizes is never to be underestimated. Let's pray for the victims of the both incidents.
Let's come back to our own country. The recent 11 bald old men incident sparks off some public interest comparable to the nude squat incident. I was not surprised that it did caught the attention of other countries aside from Malaysia. HK Commercial Radio was discussing this issue as well, proving globalisation at its truest state. Let's treat this issue separately. If they did gamble and have more than 2 tables in the same premise, OK, it's illegal, black and white according to the law. However, the treatment that these old men received was way beyong comprehension and I was wondering why the police force was not alert that they were being scrutinized after the nude squat incident!!!!! We in Malaysia always proud ourselves for being such a harmony society which embrace the culture and religious diversity as our way of life but the law enforcer of our country didn't even think twice to shave the heads of these old men during CNY where even washing hair is a taboo during CNY!!!!!! I hope the officers of Kajang police station know this taboo of the Chinese since we had been declaring ourselves as a harmony society for 48 years!!!!! The fact that the foreign radio stations was discussing this issue is a solid proof of what Thomas Friedman defined as true globalisation. There'll be no more cover up can be done in this era of IT world. We have to wake up from our dream trying to suppress everything under the blanket and keep smiling portraying the usual muhibah spirit we shouted out and loud anymore. After the false alarm of the nude squat involving a Chinese national, I believe now every single Chinese media will allocate certain coverage of news in our beloved country. So buck up everyone!!! V r under scrutinize, like it or not!!!

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