Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Constant Gardener

Watched the DVD I bought during my recent outstation trip. Having a few DVDs in hand is really a saving grace from the boredom during outstation trips. Normally I will stay in the hotel at night after work during outstation trips unless those trips were in my hometown where I can sneak out some time to meet up with friends.
So... The Constant Gardener. Like wat my buddy J said, the title didn't do much to spark any interest to grab the DVD but having faith in some reviews I read, I bought it last month.
I won't reveal the storyline here but the cast's performances are brilliant. Fiennes as usual is gripping to watch with his intense but not over the top expression (put in Nicholas Cage here) and gosh.... Rachel Weisz is just soooooo sexy not in Jolie's way but definitely sexy to the dot!!! She's sexy even with a pregnant belly!!! I didn't mean it in a sexual way but more to a healthy kind of sexy way... The ending is very sad... and "mou noi/wu nai" so it's kinda heart-breaking too....
Definitely one to watch, along with Syriana. And Rachel is definitely a serious award contender esp after her win in Golden Globe.

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