Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Walk the Line

Most of the time I avoid biopic. Like Ray which generated such a buzz when Jamie Foxx won the Oscar for Best Actor last year, Walk the Line (WtL) is creating more buzz since both of the leading actor and actress were nominated in the both category. I still haven watch Ray until now and I wonder what makes me watch WtL. I guess it's due to my outstation trips and all those boring nights at hotels with limited tv channels. What made WtL an enjoyable watch is both Phoenix and Witherspoon. Both of them were such a chemistry to watch and their singing were superb for someone who were not singers themselves. I was never a fan of Cash so I can't really judge whether both Phoenix's and WItherspoon's voice were similar to Cash and Carter but their singing is good. At least it's their own and not being dubbed with original recordings of both. I would say it's a normal love story with such a stellar performances from both the leading actors. A good intro to the legacy of Cash's musics as you will find some of the songs were quite catchy and enjoyable. Witherspoon is the hot runner for the Actress category being closely fought by Felicity Huffman's role in Transamerica.

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Anonymous said...

great review, successfully convinced me to rush out & get those mentioned (even after the case of 'election). However, u forget to mention rachel weisz alongside reese witherspoon & felicity huffman.