Monday, July 31, 2006

千里走单骑 (Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles)

(a.k.a. Menunggang Seorang Beribu-Beribu Batu - can you imagine the level of subtitling or translation quality here???)

Seems like Zhang Yi Mou went back to the genre he's best at though in my humble opinion this is not his best work in that particular genre. This movie starts well enough and I like the subtlety that he captured here. Unlike his previous 一个都不能少 and 我的父亲母亲 (which zoomed Zhang ZiYi to Ang Li's attention to cast her in 卧虎藏龙), this time around, it's not that 煽情 anymore. At least for me, the tears were not streaming down like what happened in 一个都不能少. Casting wise, it's a solo show for Ken Takakura with only small fraction of limelight stolen by the little boy called Yang Yang in the movie. Breathtaking shots of the scenic China rural area and highland coupled with accurate capturings of the characters' emotion and expression, it's a delight to watch.

As expected, the cinema was not even 10% full with only 5 audiences including me and my pal, Julia. I was grateful though that the cinema chose to show this unpopular piece in the midst of other blockbusters flooding e.g. Superman Return, Pirates 2 and 龙虎门. However, the 2-yr odd cinema's cleanliness certainly left a lot to be desired (Growball, please grow cleaner - yes, Growball is the name of the cinema).

The movie deals a lot with the theme of 遗憾. Did we allow the moment pass through us without doing something we should or at the very least treasure it? Did we refrain from doing something so right but end up regretting it for the rest of our life? I know again, it sounds cliche but there's really a message we should keep in mind. Tell the people you love that you do cox waiting will not bear any fruit or earn any interest. Show your love to them and assuring yourself it didn't matter if they do return any of them cox it's not working that way cox there's no fair trade in this world.

So, to those I love, which you know who you are, wherever you are, je taime.

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