Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunset Charity Run

It was my virgin run haha..... RM17 for last year's Run T-Shirt with a tacky name card, it doesn't really matter cox everything will go for charity.

It was started with a disaster cox I was late. I had to parked someplace very far from the starting point and the runners were set off when I was on the way walking to the starting point. The evil in me asked me to join the crowd and pretend that I run from the starting point. However, the stupid conscience in me pushed me to the starting point, believing that the organizers will register the runners first. But how wrong was I!!! Reaching the starting point, I was being ushered to start the run straight away and I was cursing loudly in my heart!

There were 2 check point, one was just like 3 minutes walk from the place I parked my car and the we were handed a small 3cm x 3cm size of manila card!!! And there's no chop or whatsoever kind of verification too!

Then I reliazed no one is interested in competing with each other cox it's a charity run. The only perks for the runners who finish the whole run is the lucky draw in the end..... So, I decided to just finish the run and enjoy the nice view (it's sunset run mate!).

Upon finishing, we got to roam around the Sutera Harbour Marina Club which the poor soul like me will never get a chance to get in since it's a membership club. Nice club with great facilities and the sunset view is superb.

The show started with lots of performances from the local music groups and it's entertaining. Hosted by the DJs, ScamBoy and GreenMan, the show was entertaining. Notable performances were from Atama and the Boys (though I didn't managed to listened to his rendition of his signature tune blending Kadazan and hip hop music) and the evergreen The Beatles (KK version). Personally, I find that the latter's performance strike me more (hey, I'm old anyway). However, the slight pause in between the songs by the Beatle spoiled the mood brought on by the evergreen Beatles tune. Maybe they're not that young anymore but I guess the showmanship is just a bit slacking. Another thing was their song selection (the Simon Cowell in me starts to come into pic) which was not that mass-orientated.

Ending with nothing from the lucky draw as I expected, the evening was well-spent and a fun one.


erinc said...

oi Tan, i missed the race BIG TIME! n knowing i was d 1 that asked u 2 join make me feel worse!
ai.. no excuse is good enough now.. 1st - i was having 'relative' with me (but i could still go if i was motivated enough), 2nd - i thought i was lacking in sleep the night b4..
anyway, ur pics were so nice i only have myself to blame for missing it.. *sigh*
did the organizer announce when is the next sunset run? oh man..

why din u check with me again b4 goin??

CK Tan said...

wat can i say? it's the determination my fren! i was kinda hesitating as well tat day cox u all never really hyped up.
anyway, it's over but there's always next year. i think it's an annual event.

seize every opportunity i guess cox v never know.

by the way, thanks for stopping by and dropping comments.

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