Sunday, August 27, 2006

How Malaysian Am I? Part 2

(Referring to previous post)

OK.... so now I'm officially 47% UNMALAYSIAN according to Kenny Sia. The verdict is out and I'm as Malaysian as Michelle Yeoh, which means that I'm as patriotic as going all out to persuade my lifetime partner to PURCHASE an ISLAND in my own home country, and refusing to become a typical "flower vase" in an international sexist movie franchise with a gwai-lo hero (which coincidentally what my partner is)! How about that? Not as bad right? SO, am I patriotic?

As I am writing this, I'm wondering why there's only one house with the Sabah and Malaysia state flag flying along the stretch of the street I'm staying now? I'm also wondering why the so-called favourite child of the nation can blurt out something insensitive to the other "less-majority" ethnic group only being blamed for his youth and inexperience while another decent local actress who chose to speak in a so-called colonist language was being blasted with accusation of being unpatriotic, menderhaka etc etc.......

Also I'm puzzled by the fact that the police forces, who claimed that they were seriously understaffed, still afford to send some troupes to attend the "super-wedding" of the year of our local songstress while the streets and cities were traumatically attacked by hordes of snatch thieves and other criminals. Not forget to mention the never-ending mind-blowing feats of records breaking which consists of acts such as, "the event where most people danced", "the biggest Malaysian flag made by 10 cent coins, used newspaper, beads etc etc......"

With only around 4 more days around, I wish Malaysia a 43th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For those who object, please get back your Sejarah textbook and search for the year when Malaysia was formed)

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