Wednesday, September 06, 2006

When I Am Down and Low.............

........... I will need a dose of laugh!
And my dose of laugh comes in form of stupid funny movie, i.e. the HK slapstick movie, Eagle Shooting Heroes. The cast is superb and it's almost impossible to gather such a credible and expensive cast, i.e. Leslie Cheung, both Tony Leung (Kar Fai and Chiu Wai), Maggie Cheung, Karina Lau, Kenny B, Joey Wong, Jackie Cheung, Brigette Lin and Veronica Yip.

The story or rather the characters mentioned were loosely based on the famous chinese martial art novel by 金庸, 射雕英雄传. It's damn funny; Maggie Cheung with her way of utterring her last 2 words in her dialogue after a 2-second pause, Tony Leung Chiu Wai with his swollen "Angelina-Jolie's lips", Karina Lau as the ham sap 周伯通, Jackie and Joey as the love-struck 表哥表妹, Tony Leung Kar Wai with her singing stint almost at the end of the movie, Veronica Yip with her 潮洲腔 and tonnes of funny scenes.


I will introduce another comedy flick which was also serves as my comedic dose next time... 92 黑玫瑰对黑玫瑰.

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