Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Post Holiday Syndrome

I was having serious post holiday or rather Post-Cambodia-cum-Vietnam syndrome when I did this:

1. I start to complain about the hot weather after enjoying nice cool weather in Hanoi, which is 15-18 deg C.
2. I start to complain about the scorching hot sweaty humid weather in KL for the fact that I have to wear a formal working attire with long-sleeved shirt and work pants while under the same hot scorching sun in Cambodia, I can wear thin revealing (as if there's any to reveal) singlet and get some tan without anyone battling an eye due to the fact I'm a traveller!
3. The Starbucks costs me RM15 while a cup of NICE Vietnamese coffee just costs me USD 0.5 which is only about RM1.75 but ok..... I got free WIFI in Starbucks fine.....
4. I missed the start-to-familiar faces of Annor, Lotte, Sharon, Chate, Nares, Renato, Amelie, Yann, Kim, Jun and so many other travellers I met on the road!!!
5. OK, I gotta get ready for work and get a cure for my post-holiday syndrome!!!!!!!!!

More write-up and pics of my travel on the way............

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