Saturday, December 06, 2008

45th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Award

Finally Golden Horse speaks Taiwanese 闽南语. For quite a long time, Golden Horse is quite an embarassment for Taiwanese as Taiwanese movie (yeah....if there's any) always lose out to the mainland China and HK movie. Well, even Ang Lee's Taiwanese and proud of it, his recent movies are all funded by US or China's production company.
With the recent 海角七号 popularity in Taiwan, the instalment this saw more Taiwanese films gaining attention. It's a good sign and it's very evident from the start that 海角七号 will sweep every possible awards.
Before I talk more about the award show, it did cross my mind about the pride one has on his or her country's movie. I mean now Taiwanese have their 海角七号 and Indonesians have their Laskar Pelangi (read my take on the movie here), when are we Malaysians have ours? OK, I know we have lots of good movies, movies by Yasmin Ahmad, Amir Muhammad, Shuhaimi Baba or U-Wei but what I mean is the movie that managed to reach all Malaysians, at least doing quite well in cinema. I know the movies such as the Senario etc has good box-office value but I am talking about movies that are not typical slapstick.
I haven't watch any of the movies nominated except Warlords 投名状 but seems like there're some noteworthy ones that I should get my hands on.
1. DoDo Cheng MUST stop accepting hosting job that requires her to speak Mandarin, tat's all, fullstop. (She's a professional host but in Cantonese, not in Mandarin)
2. In the future, all award show should hire film or sitcom script writer to write the dialogue for the presenters so the viewers won't be bored to death. Exceptions are people like Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng which brings me to the next point.
3. For acceptance speech or presenters bantering, Taiwanese tend to be heart-warming, HKies tend to be funny and mainland Chinese tend to be more serious.
4. 海角七号 lost the Best Movie and Best Director to Warlords. Hmm.... internet will be filled with lots of dissatisfied voices I guess but in awards show like this, you never gets to satisfy everyone.
5. Sandra's bantering with her husband is the funniest among the presenters.
6. Award show's performances are err.... recycled material. The magic show? I think it's magic show also 44th or 43rd? And the screen with human shadow forming objects was a recycled idea too. Environmental friendly lah kan?
7. Prudence 刘美君's win was really an upset. She's an underdog among the nominees.
8. Can Astro STOP calling it LIVE when in real, it's DELAYED & EDITED telecast?????


cathy said...

hi there ^0^
this is cathy from HK
I have planned a trip to Sabah with my husband and 2 4 ppl
I have read ur profile in HC it convenience for u to be our host? (cos we have 4 ppl...over ur listed preference)

the date will be 8/5 to 13/5/2008

if u received this msg..would u please send me an email?

p.s. will u come to HK soon? if then, we are glad to show around town..:)

anyway, thanks a lot!!!

CK said...

i sent you an email, cathy.

chongerin said...

I miss the "live" on my bro's wed day.. but I guess I didn't miss anythin important *yawn*

CK said...


u didn't miss anything.