Thursday, December 04, 2008

Something Is Brewing in PAS

With removal of Khalid Samad from his post as Deputy Commissioner II of Selangor PAS and the announcement of Hadi Awang on Ketuanan Islam ( coverage on this yet in either MalaysiaKini or MalaysianInsider.... strange huh?)....
So, is this a purging of the professional/progressive in PAS? Something is brewing and I don't enjoy the aroma of it......


Cruel Angel said...

Can you smell what is the r0ck cooking?


Anonymous said...


Ketuanan Islam has been PAS's differetiating core from UMNO.
I think we should discard pictures of militants barring us from drinking, wearing shorts, etc and try to compare real events.
For instance, how things are in Kelantan for non-Muslims, although there are few of them there.
At the same time, we should open our eyes and look.

CK said...


my concern is tat all the rosy pics in Kelantan is due to ppl like Nik Aziz's still in power. I personally have reservations on Hadi and also the Youth Chief, Nasrudin is it?

of cox, eyes have to be wide open. the mind too :)

Anonymous said...

Nik Aziz is the pilar of PAS, He seems to be pro-PKR so unless he died. PAS will remain in opposition!