Sunday, January 04, 2009

Love Is In The Air - Congrats Min Min and Keah Vee

I went to a university coursemate's wedding in Penang and to end the 2008 attending their wedding cum my short vacation inn Penang (the last time I was there was during my graduation from my alma mater USM with my parents and with liangmoi and Richard together), it was a great one.

Keah Vee doing his declaration of love thingy. Took a long time but I feel that Keah Vee fought with his shyness and poured out finally. Love do conquers!!! The "sisters" did a good job insisting haha....

The smile of happiness 幸福. Lots of ants around lah Min Min

Mission kinda accomplished as Min Min was led out from her room already.

The wedding was in Lone Pine Resort Batu Ferringhi and it's a perfect venue not to mention perfect weather!!!! Outdoor garden wedding's biggest enemy is rain or gloomy weather but the couple was blessed with none of those!

The ambience is just nice and filled with the right elements. Min Min and Keah Vee got a band playing too!!! Such a treat to the ears after so many senses satisfied with the nice environment nice to the eyes and delicious dishes for the taste buds. 16 tables under the tent outside the garden nearby the seaside a band was playing... what else??? Perfecto mundo!!! (oppsss.... pardon me for the Italian)

I forgot to turn on the image stabiliser so sorry for that. The flower girls and boys were so cute!!!

Wish this to be clearer. Min Min is like those big superstar who's sensitive to the camera. Mind you, I was few tables away!!!

I made a request to the band to play L.O.V.E. which I think is a nice add-up to their existing line up of songs. The band rocks and the female vocal has an aptitude for some Spanish as well. Mucho gracias anyone??? :)

The guests danced to the tune and in the picture was Maya (or is it Tia?) with her father!

The USM gang : (l-r) Mei Wan, Phang Chee Hoong, Yen Nee and yours truly.

Another one with the couple.

The mandatory "yum-sheng" session with the bride and groom. Our table had to get "import-player" from other table, i.e. Mei Wan and Yen Nee.

A great night. And yeah.... Min Min looked all lady-like and pretty that night. What they says are true, brides are always most beautiful.

For more professional picture, just visit the blog of the photographer that night at Thanks Malcolm and Keith for all the sharing.

Malcolm's photos are stunning and the picture below is one of favourite

Thanks to Min Min and Keah Vee for their great hospitality (err.... I even stayed at their new apartment and they haven't really move in yet... I know I know.... it's so paiseh....). It's the best wedding dinner I had ever been to. Small but warm, filled with love and blessings from all the friends and family, which is what matters at the end of the day.

Last but not least.......... quoting what John, the emcee was saying that night.........

20 babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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min min said...

Sooooo glad you could make it! Hounoured indeed..didn't really have time to bring you around..but glad we managed to catch up the next day after the wedding..Meant a lot to Keah Vee & me...
Every pic is unique & lovely...I'm saving every single photo anyone has of the wedding :)
Really itchy for an SLR dee!!!

So guys & gals..who's next?hehe :)