Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jackie Cheung is JAZZYING it UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo DOUBLE TAKE!!!!!!!!!!

I never buy any of Jacky Cheung's album. Maybe the reason was when he was the 4 Heavenly King of HK Pop, I had no money to buy any of his albums. After a long hiatus, he's now back to enthrall us with a jazz album. Well... my cup of tea!!!!!!!!!

I listened to HK CR2 903 radio and he's interviewed by Vani and heard a song called 十二个音 and the melody sounds sooooo familiar and it dawned on me that it's a cover of the song by my favourite Sabahan group, Double Take!!!! The original song composed by Roger Wang called Love Scale. Seriously... search for Double Take's album, support local artiste too. Their debut album released in 2002 is called One Voice.Six Strings.Twelve Mood.

Enjoy the good music. The kacau-bilau scenes in Malaysian political landscape need some rest.


RunWitMe said...

Where is the like button. Oops! This is not Facebook! Hey, the girls were asking for lo sang when you back to KL. How now?

CK said...

ok also hahaha. but when i am in kl it's almost chap goh meh lor....