Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sad Black Moment in Malaysia

Those who committed the arsonic act and attack on the church will face their punishment one day. It's evident now that the manipulations by the despicable politicians and countless hatred seed planted were blooming and fluorishing now. These need to be seriously condemned and acted on.

Let's accept responsibility in this. I am not saying that we should bear responsibility for those who committed the act as mentioned above. I am saying that as fellow Malaysians, we have to take responsibility for what the country turned into. To those eligible voters who still haven't register or registered voters who never ever vote before, please exercise your rights and responsibilities. It's not only affecting you but also your family and friends because it do matter.

Take a look at what Art Harun wrote here.

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mclai said...

What has happened is sick and sad! Btw great post from Art Harun, came across it in Rantings by MM. I still see hope..