Monday, March 15, 2010

Congrats Laduk

Somehow I was annoyed by TV1's presenter's usage of Juara 1Malaysia. (but again... it's TV1 telecast so I guess he don't have choice for that...remember the mouthful Salam 1Malaysia, 1Malaysia anything and there's a steamboat place in Sandakan callled 1Malaysia Steamboat!!! Gosh!!!)

Anyway, congrats to Laduk for winning the elusive All England. Lin Dan might still be his closest rival in the shortest time but Kenichi Tago and the Sun fella from Korea are two that both Laduk and Super Dan need to be careful of.

Again, congrats Laduk for winning the All England and also making the fashion statement!

1 comment:

Cruel Angel said...

1malaysia... Gonna be Tan Sri Lee Chong Wei sooon!

Maybe Lee chong wei should run for MCA president!