Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laduk told Rosie He Wants to "Main"(Play)

From Malaysiakini.....

During the event, Youth and Sports Minister and Kemaman parliamentarian Shabery Cheek started the ball rolling with his opening speech where he recounted Chong Wei's frequent conversations with the premier's wife before and after each game.

According to him, the conversation usually went as follows:

Chong Wei: Datin Seri, Saya mahu main. (I want to play).

Main la puas-puas. (Play till you are satisfied).

And after each win, Ismail said, Lee would call again to tell Rosmah:

Chong Wei: Saya menang! (I won!).

Though I believe sportsmen should refrain from being too close to the politicians but being in Malaysia, they can't really stand against that. However those politicians who capitalize on the matter really don't mind ball-polishing so obviously like the the minister below:

Shabery added that Rosmah is the biggest inspiration and support behind Lee's string of victories.

what can i say? laduk got tell him that kah? this shabery really got cheek to do ball polishing in the public!!!!!!!! beh tahan!!!

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