Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life Without Principle (2011)

Life Without Principle (2001)
Dir : Johnnie To 杜琪峰
Cast : 刘青云 何韵诗 卢海鹏 苏杏璇 任贤齐

One of the few recent Chinese/Cantonese piece that's captivating. And being a Johnnie's work, I am happy to see some tone-down on typical police plot. The other pulling factor for me is the fact that 苏杏璇 is back acting and won the Best Supporting Actress in 2012 HK Film Awards (though it's more like consolation prize for her). Both 何韵诗 and 卢海鹏 surprised me in a way.

Bravo for Sean Lau as usual!

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