Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Simple Life 桃姐 (2011)

A Simple Life 桃姐 (2011)
Dir : Ann Hui 许鞍华  
Cast : Deannie Yip 叶德娴 Andy Lau 刘德华  Paul Chun 秦沛 Queenie Chu 朱慧敏 Elena Kong 江美仪
秦海璐 谭炳文 宫雪花

1. Director - Ann is such a prolific HK director. You can fault some of her end products but you definitely can't fault her sincerity and dedication to HK cinema. Lots of my favourite HK films are by her. My all time favourite, Woman Forty 女人四十. Josephine Xiao 萧芳芳 is great!!!!!

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