Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Rant

As dreadful as it is, I mean Sunday, I tried to do something useful and meaningful such as dreaming, be a couch potato and go hiking.

Things got pretty exciting lately in Malaysian politics scene. Thanks to our nation's favourite son who blurted out the famous issue of "being sidelined", things were piling up. MCA decided to demand an apology which ended in an anti-climax way, the different way we treated our neighbours; one causing us fake sense of being in the foggy old London town but we treat it with our famous tak-ape attitude, no apology demanded, and another neighbour where an old man's comment on "sidelined" issue was being cooked up to the maximum temperature ever and demanded an apology, our Takaful brother who issued an instruction not to extend wishes to our Indian brothers and sisters Happy Deepavali, the 18.9% vs 45% issue etc...........

Again, God Bless Malaysia. Malaya is 50 years old next year!

I always make sure that I will on my couch with Astro on Channel 102 for a program called 音乐探险家 hosted by 陈颖见, a singer from Malaysia. He studied in Australia and I guess he's back to Malaysia now. His 2-hours show is a feast both to the ears and mind. I found that my musical taste is quite similar to him and I got to know some nice songs and singers from his show. His show has a weekly theme, e.g. listening to music in library, laziness, 70's etc. Though the show has officially ended now (it's currently on re-run on Channel 102), you can still read some of the transcript of his show here.

I wish I can have some radio show like that!

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