Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Goes to Venice

The rear view of the Bridge of Sigh (Ponte of Sigh)

Typical view of Ponte of Sigh

Watching Grey's Anatomy on ntv7, one of my fave time on TV besides the Monday treat of AXN's Amazing Race, House and Nip/Tuck. Meridith's patient is an old lady who's only have 4-5 months left. The loving husband requested her not to tell his wife the news but out of ethical issue, she did and the patient herself asked her not to ler husband know. She asked "How can a relationship built based on lies?" The patient answered something like, "It's not lie, it's the future". And she said they're gonna go to Venice. According to her, whoever went under the Bridge of Sigh in a gondola will stay together forever.... Another urban myth or tactics to romanticized Venice?
I was in Venice May last year and it was kinda devastatingly romantic but I am all alone! Of course being a budget traveller I dun have that kind of money to ride on a gondola so there's no chance to go under the Bridge of Sigh in a gondola. However I wish one day I will, with someone that matters to me hahaha...... (insert a desperate look and laugh here)

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