Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Having the thought of watching this movie for quite some time especially after it won last year's 金马奖 最佳电影. Finally watch it tonight with my parents in an open-space food court in conjunction of Chinese 100 years of Cinema. It's semi-documentary and I still remember that there was some controversy of plagiarism. Having said that, it's depressingly good haha.... Simple story line based on true story.
OK, side story.... there's an uncle who sat next to our table talked in a volume as if he was Tun Mahathir being shouted to shut up!!!! He just couldn't lower his voice when the movie was shown on the screen and babbled non-stop about his travel. He said Brazil gals are hot and couldn't leave him alone cox wanted to take pics with him, about Medan and Lake Toba, about AirAsia etc etc......Finally it rained and we moved the table and he FINALLY shut up. Thank god.

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