Monday, November 06, 2006

Wild Sex (U-Rated)

First of all, let me clarify that this particular post is definitely not R-rated but very family orientated, just like my whole blog by the way. It’s the title of the program I saw in NGEO (National Geographic Channel), portraying unexpected and surprising features on the sex of the animal kingdom (take out human, if you wish to cox the program leaves out human sex of course!).

I still remember I read a book on praying mantis by a Taiwanese author 刘庸. He reared the mantis as a pet and monitored its life as some kind of experiment and observation purpose which he slickly translated it to the relevance of life. Good read I would say. One of the things I remember from the book is that upon mating, the female mantis will actually bite off the male’s head! Talk about the pleasure of sex or rather in this case, the price of sex!

OK, the animal sex is actually more varied and confusing as portrayed in the program. One species of male shark actually had to bite the fins or the female shark in order to insert its reproductive organ into the female’s organ and left permanent mark on its body. So SM right? Not forgetting about all the fight among the males before they get the privilege to mate? Most of the male species ended up died or severely injured, proved the logic of the Chinese sayings, 红颜祸水. Minx can mate for 8 hours straight! And mussels are indeed an inevitable mobile uterus for bitterling fish! (Both males and female dumped their sperms and ovum into the mussels and mussels will carry them as their surrogate mother!). And some of them are very selfish and possessive too! I forgot what species but the male will inject some chemicals into the female body after the mating ritual, which will be able to eliminate the sexual libido of the female so they will not stray around and 红杏出墙. Unbelievable!

I couldn’t help but relate it to human beings’ love relationship. Not mentioning about the SM thingy, but love really can hurt and left permanent scar in one’s life. Fight among the males? Normal. Surrogate lover? Temporary stand-in lover? Selfish and possessive lover? So….. human do reflects some animal behaviour indeed.

(The title is just a gimmick, 喧哗取众)

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