Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Junebug + Grey's Anatomy

Not a mainstream movie but this movie took my attention when one of its actress was nominated in last year's Oscar for Best Supporting Actress category. Amy Adams. She was great as a typical 阿嫂 in the kampung area, no offense. She is the mirror image of those woman whose life is surrounded her own family and neighbourhood friends. Her husband is distant and she hopes that with the baby being borned, he will spend more time and affection with her. Her performance is the best part of the movie, not to say the movie is a let down but her performance really outshines everything. You can't help but relate to her as you will certainly remember someone as annoyingly naive as her though she's not hate-able. However, the whole movie centres around family, especially for ones where some family members left the family to pursue their own life, which maybe totally different from the one they had when they were small. The issues were very relevant and close-to-us and there's no overdramatic scenes to accentuate it.
This brought me to last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy whereby George's O'Malley's character connection with his father and brothers. He is the most outstanding one among the family (as per general perception of the society definition of success) and he felt that his siblings and father never respect him for his achievement and always undermining him. But it turns out he is also the one who alienate his own family in the first place. So, who's to be blamed? To me, no one. As the father character put it, "we maybe different but we are still family". So spot-on. Another reason to watch Grey's Anatomy... always managed to make me think..... Last night's episode is also featuring the Thanksgiving. Always like that celebration. We should be thankful everyday but some of us tend to forget about it, taking it for granted so Thanksgiving Day will definitely ensure us to take some time to be thankful for everything we have.......
So, advanced Thanksgiving Day this Nov 30!

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