Monday, April 10, 2006


Wow............ I was initially kinda reserved about the sequel or so-called one of Sepet and with all the hype around it, I was afraid that it will turned out to be a disappointing one. However, after watching it yesterday................. I was worrying too much as Yasmin got whatever it takes to make a movie that can touch the heart of all Malaysians.

Won't mention much about the story as not wanting to spoil it all for those who haven't watch it yet and I think the synopsis is pretty much available in the media right now but I would like to mention some of the scenes that still linger in my mind:

1. Nam Rom patting the dog in the middle of the road. I'm sure there were certain parties now plotting some serious protest over this.
2. Those playful scenes between Nam Ron the cleric and his wife, and Orked and Arif the first bedroo/bathroom scene before she got a call from Ida Nerina.
3. The butt-showing scene in hospital. Hey, the similar scene in Kung Fu Hustle definitely looked tame here.
4. The joss-stick scene with azan blaring from background interlaced with the scene of Nam Ron's family praying and the church with Alan and her daughter.
5. The conversation in the pick-up between Alan and Orked, "It's like you are falling in love to someone but that someone doesn't love you?" and of course the cheesy song of Sam Hui. For me, the magnitude of impact of that dialogue is on par with the one in Sepet where Kak Yam mentioned something about Orked and Jason's SPM result.
6. The usage of the word BABI instead of the so-called polite one KHINZIR
7. The ultimate killing dialogue is between Harith and Ida in bed. That is SOOOOOO touching and the subsequent one with the fish tank? Hmmmmmm..... Go's tear-jerking in some subtle way

Sharifah, Juliana, Roziah, Nam Ron, Mas (the character), Adibah, Harith and Ida gave nothing but the best performance. My only reservations are Alan Yun's kaku acting though I'm sure the audience especially the gals will appreciate his half-naked shirtless scenes in the hospital; and Adlin's "Sandiwara Minggu Ini" kinda acting. Adibah's impeccable comedic timing is just spot-on. Why Alan Yun? Maybe the postman sentiment?

OK... comparing to Sepet... it's deeper for me. At least it's not as light and comedic as in Sepet though the early part of Gubra takes on lighter notes in its ambience and storyline.

The cinema is merely 10% filled (I watched it in KK), which is sad. To make it worst, it chopped off the snippets after the closing credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a crime and I'm going to complain to the cinema operator. Hey, it's GSC for God sake!!!! Didn't they know?

In a nutshell.......................... GO WATCH GUBRA. Devise your own opinion but please watch it.

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