Thursday, April 06, 2006

Inside Man

A nice and entertaining movie. Messages were everywhere but it's not those on-your-face preaching kinda thing. Casting was superb, with the ever reliable Clive Owen as the calm baddie and of course Jodie Foster. Personally, I haven't watch a lot of Denzel's work (yeah.... I know.... it's a shame) but his performance here is superb and is nothing like what my stereotypical impression in my mind. Not forgetting Christopher Plummer and William Dafoe who were both excellent.
Plot is fast-paced with no moment for you to slow down. In Chinese, we said, no "cold-court".

The most interesting bit : The opening and closing music of course!!!!!!! I watched a lot of Hindi movie during my childhood period but I had never had the temptation to get some boogie like what happened to me last night!!!

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