Saturday, April 08, 2006

Happy Ending

Among all the cast of Friends, my favourite is LISA KUDROW. Her character, Phoebe is the most interesting and less mundane compared to the other two. Her movie choices were always as interesting as she's known to take on challenging ones, not like what her compatriots in Friends did... think Pallbearers, the Monkey-play-basketball flick of Joey, the strings of Scream movies of Monica (by the way, kudos to her since her character remained undead).
Kudrow collaborated with the director of Happy Ending (HE), Don Roos before in the critically-acclaimed The Opposite of Sex (TOoS), which I had searched for so long. So, you can imagine how exciting I am when I saw HE DVDs on sale in Miri!!!!
Laura Dern (see We Don't Live Here Anymore) is also here. The other casts were unknown to me though their faces were familiar. However, I think they are Roos' usual cast. Oh yeah!!!!!!!! Maggie Gyllenhaal is there too. Known for her choice of quirky character, you can expect the type of movie is HE though it's way much tamer than what Todd Solondz will offer to you.
The story is mainly focused on Kudrow's character, Mamie and her stepbrother. The two of them had sex and Mamie was pregnant. She gave up her baby and Mamie and her stepbro stopped mentioning that episode ever in their life after that. Her stepbro turned gay and his story is one of the major story line besides Mamie's story line.
As the film title suggests, it dealt with the existence of Happy Ending. How do you define HE?
Take note of the songs performed throughout the movie and there were 3 songs performed by Gyllenhaal herself. Watch her performing "Just the Way You Are" and you will go...... Nicole and gals are not the only actress that can sing well!!!

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